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Author Topic: Hunter's Specialties Cough Muffler  (Read 216 times)

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Hunter's Specialties Cough Muffler
« on: October 08, 2005, 11:34:00 AM »
OK, I know it ain't sinew and osage traditional but everyone coughs right?  Well, I picked up this little "jewel" at my loocal World of Wal-y goodness thinking that I might save a little bit over the "silencer" that we see so much of on TV.  First of all the facts.....

It is a black plastic hollowed out disc of sorts with what is essentially a sponge(to soak up your cough maybe?)or more correctly an Open Cell foam on the inside.  OH and included in the package was a black shoe string disguised as a lanyard.

To say I was dissappointed would be mild.  The first time I tried to blow in it and I felt a little resistance.  Then I tried to cough in it and I almost blew my eyeballs out    :eek:   .  I don't know how much or how loud y'all cough, but tho this did cut the decibel level down a little, you added the sound of the air escaping out the little hockey puck sized contraption, so I couldn't say there was a net reduction of noise.  The handy, enclosed lanyard worked fine.  

Since I had slobbered all over this thing trying it out, I couldn't take it back to the Mart of all things Wal so I did the only thing I could think of.  I took off the lanyard (cause hey-it worked fine) and tried to give the muffler to my Dad    :readit:   .  He came to the same basic conclusion I did and we chucked it.  If you try one or get one as a gift, hope you have better luck that I did with it.   "[dntthnk]"

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Re: Hunter's Specialties Cough Muffler
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2005, 12:16:00 PM »
A friend I used to have came to my house with one of those things when they first came out as if he had found gold. I was duly unimpressed - and remain that way. Back when I first started hunting deer real serious in CA, (I was smoking heavey then), and climbing the hills of Camp Pendleton, I coughed a lot. I read an article on deer hunting with little handy tips in it (back then it had to have been in F&S or OL mag). Two tips from the article stood me in good sted for years and one still does (no hills here and I haven't smoked for years). One that ties in here was/is - if you have to cough, open your mouth and cough from the diaphram (sp?) and it will sound more like a deer cough or grunt (it really works). The other (while I'm at it) was, when you are walking or stalking and you are about to crest a hill, lower your self down and put only enough of your head over the horizon to allow you to scan the area beyond the hill before you skyline yourself. I killed the best deer I got in CA employing both of those tricks on the same day - FWIW - they also helped me to see deer while hunting in the cold in Maine, when I had just quit smoking. I feel the coughing thing still works now - have even used it when it (a cough) came on me with critters of one kind or another around my stand without spooking them bad.
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