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Author Topic: Not a Product, but a Service: The Bear's Den  (Read 193 times)

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Not a Product, but a Service: The Bear's Den
« on: September 12, 2005, 11:16:00 AM »
I wasn't sure where to put this, so hopefully he Admins will move if necessary.

I would like to share my experience hunting black bears at The Bear's Den in Caramat Ontario. In summary I will say that this trip went better than I hoped it would and I attribute much of this to the outfitter, Ron LaForge.

5 of us spent the week of Aug. 27 - Sept. 2 hunting black bears at The Bear's Den. The owner, Ron, is an archer first and foremost. He took this passion into his business and has been catering to bow hunters ONLY for the pas 27 years. He is passionate, honest, friendly, and experienced. He has established a culture in his camp requiring these values of all hunters. Beyond this, and most importantly, he knows bears like no one else!

I have met a lot of people, who were experts in their fields, but I can't say that I have ever met anyone who knows more about what they do that Ron knows about bears. This is all he does!

The "camp" is not rustic, but it's not the Hilton. The lodge sleeps 18-20 people comfortably. It is clean, warm, dry, and comfortable. The interior is finished in plywood and the walls are decorated with stories of past hunts, photos, memorabelia, and other hunting artifacts.

The lodge backs up to a lake full of pike and perch, and is across from a lake with pike, walleye, and perch. 2005 brought near-drought conditions, but we still had no trouble catching limits of almost anything we fished for.

Ron leases one of the largest BMU's in Ontario, and the largest in the area. He puts out more than 175 baits each year. His baiting schedule of 60-75 baits per day would make you think he is either lying or crazy. When you meet him you'll realize it's pure craziness.

The stand sites range from 12 to 18 yards. Becuase he is a bow hunter, every site I saw was well designed for our needs. The shot ranges are close enough to ensure accurate shots, but far enough to minimize the risk of attacks.

My entire bear experience lasted about 2 minutes culminating with a 13 yard shot on a 194# sow on the first day. She went 20 yards and died. After this, my hunt experience gave me a renewed sense of energy and interest in hunting as I shared great times with a great camp of guys.

I would be happy to share information with anyone about this hunt. Drop me a line at I also have photos available online at  

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