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Quinn Longhorn recurve
« on: August 19, 2005, 12:48:00 AM »
Many of us have heard the phrase "biggest bang for the buck". Well, my Quinn Longhorn arrived recently and I really can't think of a better example when it comes to a great-shooting recurve.

I continue to be impressed with the Quinn family of recurves. First it was the metal Comet XL target bow and it's ease of tuning and consistent shooting characteristics. Then it was the metal Stallion and it's impressive performance throughout a wide range of arrow weights, it's stabilty even for a lighter-weight metal bow, and again ease of tuning.

Now, along comes the Longhorn wood-risered recurve. I'm flat-out impressed once again. This bow is 60", 52# @ 28" and these are my initial impressions...

The first thing I noticed after I strung the bow with supplied 16-strand Dacron and no silencers... the only noise I could make out was the twang of string. Hmmm, that was a good start. Then I strung it up with a 12-strand Dyna97 MM string. Wow! The bow is VERY quiet! Whether it is braced low at 7.25" or at 8" and regardless of 7 gr/lb or 10 gr/lb... this bow is QUIET! I've shot many high-end wooden recurves in the last year or so using a Mountain Muffler string and 8-10 gr/lb, and I can honestly say that this bow puts them all to shame when it comes to noise level.

Second thing that caught my attention... excellent flight off-the-shelf with two different arrows and some recognizeable speed to boot! No bareshaft tuning and no paper-tuning were performed at this point. Arrows were Beman 460, 380 gr. and 55-60# cedars, 515 gr. Arrow grouping was very easy, considering it was my first session and the bow was not truly tuned.

Chrony results -
(glove, off shelf, 12-stand Dyna97 MM string)

52# @ 28"

340 gr .... 6.5 gr/lb .... 206 fps
380 gr .... 7.3 gr/lb .... 198 fps
420 gr .... 8.0 gr/lb .... 193 fps
475 gr .... 9.1 gr/lb .... 185 fps
515 gr .... 9.9 gr/lb .... 175 fps

57# @ 30"

340 gr .... 6.0 gr/lb .... 223 fps
380 gr .... 6.7 gr/lb .... 214 fps
420 gr .... 7.4 gr/lb .... 209 fps
475 gr .... 8.3 gr/lb .... 198 fps
515 gr .... 9.0 gr/lb .... 189 fps

The valley of grip is 5" in circumference and feels good in hand like medium grips that I'm so comfortable with. There are no threaded inserts on the Longhorn. Launching pad is setup using a slick calf hair side plate with a piece of rubber tubing vertically placed behind it and some Bear hair on the shelf. I'm guessing that the sight window is approx. 2/16" - 3/16" cut past center compared to the 5/16" on the Stallion. The riser is available in brown or gray dyed maple and the other half in either Bubinga or Purpleheart. Finish on the handle is excellent. The sight window is approx. 4" high. Tiller on this bow is 1/16" + on the top limb.

I'm not sure what's going on with the ease of tuning and stability factors that all the Quinn bows possess, but I have a feeling it's something to do with a characteristic that is common on all of them. When I find the mid-distance on string, then lay a bow square over to the riser.... the mid-point is exactly halfway between the pivot point of grip and the arrow shelf. It's 3/4" down to grip pivot and 3/4" up to arrow shelf. Most recurves are lower than that.

Limbs? Same performance-driven limbs that are used on all Quinn bows. The Bubinga w/clear glass limbs are beautiful with a real nice job done on the glass. Limbs are also available in maple lams with brown or black Gordon glass. Limb fadeout wedges are Purpleheart or Maple. The limb tips are linen micarta, FF compatible, certainly not bulky or heavy, but are wider than most limb tips I've seen. Actually, I believe this design enhances the performance of the limbs. It's right up there with the best I've seen.

From what I've experienced with all of the Quinn bows, it doesn't really matter if they're the "biggest bang for the buck". The performance, tuneability, and shootability of these bows is on the same level of many custom recurves costing hundreds of dollars more.... I should know, I've owned many of them. A well-built and great-shooting bow with outstanding design functionality does not have to break the bank by any means.

Quinn's Archery sales are through distributors. The only on-line distributor that I'm aware of  is be TradTalk Archery Shop.

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Re: Quinn Longhorn recurve
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2005, 08:03:00 PM »
From those numbers it looks like it doesnt stack either, only 2.5 lbs/inch of draw instead of the 3lbs you typically see. Glad to see you got over your allergy to wood....;)

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Re: Quinn Longhorn recurve
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2007, 04:46:00 AM »

A little bump for the Quinns. They sure are fantastic bows!

    Quinn bows can be purchased direct as well.\\'s_archery_001.htm
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Re: Quinn Longhorn recurve
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2007, 09:17:00 PM »
Sounds good!
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