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Lewis Hollow Recurve
« on: October 17, 2004, 09:16:00 PM »
I have had the pleasure of shooting the "Dead End Royale" for the last few days.  This bow is a one piece recurve that was a pleasure to shoot.

The bow is nice looking as well as a great shooting bow...I really love the grip fits very well in my hand....I also really like how light it is in my hand! I shot this bow very well...and was impressed with it's quickness!

We chronographed the bow and found it to be as quick as of some of my personal bows.  The bows we chronographed for comparison are all well known bows and they ranged 7 to 8 pounds heavier in draw weight then the Dead End Royale.  

To make this test fair I used the same carbon arrow in all of the tests.  I also shot 3 arrows per bow and then averaged the results.  

Finally..I would like to mention that for me this bow has NO hand shock.  Dina
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Re: Lewis Hollow Recurve
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2004, 09:05:00 PM »
I own one of the Lewis Hollow Dead Ends. It is without a doubt the smoothest shooting one piece recurve I have ever shot. As mentioned above, there is no handshock. The bow is as fast as it is pretty. Mine is 49@29 and shoots 2016s at around 200fps with a 125 grain head. I couldnt ask for much more than that.
As for the service, Mr. Sparks is a fine man. He went out of his way to make me happy. You can't go wrong here. Check him out for yourself. I believe they just added his website to the vendor links.
There should also be a picture attatched of my bow. It is brown actionwood, black walnut, bloodwood, with black walnut limbs and carbon cores. She fits in my hand like an old glove.
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Re: Lewis Hollow Recurve
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2004, 04:49:00 PM »
As a dealer for lewis Hollow Archery, I have seen and shot a few bows made by Chris Sparks. These bows are a pleasure to shoot. An extreme eye for detail and design. A true craftsman who wants to put one of the best shooters out there. Anyone who picks up one of his recurves will find it fits all the criteria they are looking for in a hunting bow. Quiet, speed, and very appealing to the eye with a variety of domestic and exotic woods available. I particularrly like the carbon cored action-boo limb that he makes. I have found that this limb is super quiet while shooting with the cast of bows of a heavier weight. One of my personal bows in the making is a black dymonwood riser with bloodwood accents and carbon/action-boo limbs with black glass. Should be getting it soon. I should add that as a dealer I am offering a set of arrows with every Lewis Hollow recurve that is either ordered or stock bow bought through October. You can see them on my website at

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