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Author Topic: Bison Gear/Gray Wolf Woolen Lost River Pack  (Read 247 times)

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Bison Gear/Gray Wolf Woolen Lost River Pack
« on: October 05, 2004, 12:12:00 PM »
I've had a chance to run this pack through the basics and I'm more than pleased with this pack. These packs are manufactured by Bison Gear Packs (Angelo Christiano proprietor) and the fabric is provided by Gray Wolf Woolens (Jeff Aulik proprietor). Gray Wolf Woolens sells the packs through their website. Both of these fine companies are listed on the preferred vendor list here on Tradgang. As a side note, I had a chance to meet and speak with Angelo at the Great Lakes Longbow Invitational in MI this past August. He was very cordial and spoke very highly of Jeff Auliks integrity and wool fabric, something I already knew about.  Jeff delivered my order right on time and his follow-up to questions was timely and helpful. Sorry about the sidebar, but I think it's important background information for Tradgangers to know a little about the individuals standing behind their company.  

Now for the pack. I used this pack in MI during the opening weekend of our bow season. The pack construction is first rate. All seams and zippers are top notch and the heavy duty cliche is an understatement. Since it's the early season in MI's upper peninsula, it's cold in the morning's and evenings, but warms up during the day. I use my day pack to carry the following types of things: first aid supplies, gutting gloves, water bottle, kill tags, extra strings, food, deer calls, folding saw, string and extra clothes that I don't want to wear on the walk in and get all sweaty.

The pack sits lower on the back and has a very heavy duty padded waste belt, with two small pouches on the belt. I put a two way radio in one and my little camera in the other. There are also two side pouches in on the main compartment and these carry the first aid items and the food/water bottle nicely. The main compartment does have a heavy duty expandable game bag, which I removed for my whitetail hunting here in MI, however if I was using out west elk hunting or in the north moose/caribou hunting, I would keep it in the pack. There is also a pouch on the back of the main compartment that is perfect for extra bowstring, license and small sharpening stone. Finally, there are lashing straps on the pack if you wish to attach other items, like a sleeping bag/tent.

The shoulder straps are also heavy construction and nicely padded. They are wider than most straps and sit flat and out of the way as does the small center strap connector for the shoulder straps. There is no problem shooting a bow with the pack loaded and in place.

Now for the best part! Even loaded, I didn't know the pack was on.  One stand I hunt is up a creek that I wade to avoid going through thick bedding cover and also reducing scent. Although it's not deep, in the dark there is some uneasy footing and you want to keep your balance. The pack sit's solidly on your lower back and so there is no flopping around and the load is firmly distributed so it doesn't contribute to momentum if you unexpectedly lurch to one side ( I know, a walking stick would probably be approppriate  :knothead:  ). Once at my stand, the pack is quiet and it hangs nicely from a tree step so everything is handy at my side. The camoflage material keeps it hidden (although don't forget where you set it down!).

I would have no problem using this pack as a overnight or two expedition pack for elk out west where you wanted to carry a compact shelter, sleeping bag and still be able to hunt on the fly.

As I mentioned earlier, the construction is impeccable and I would rate this along the lines of the "lifetime" use type items. The pack is very comfortable and completely adjustable. The pack price was $229 and I consider that a "good value" purchase that will be amortized over years of use.

A tip of the hunting cap to Angelo and Jeff for a truely fine addition to the bow hunters equipment choice.
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Re: Bison Gear/Gray Wolf Woolen Lost River Pack
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2004, 12:35:00 PM »
I'll second the BisonGear pack. I highly recommend getting the Peak One attachments so you can use it as frame pack as well.


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Re: Bison Gear/Gray Wolf Woolen Lost River Pack
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2004, 02:39:00 PM »
I've got the fanny pack with shoulder straps and like it a lot. The wool is camo colored.
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Re: Bison Gear/Gray Wolf Woolen Lost River Pack
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2007, 04:34:00 PM »
Yep......great products for sure!
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