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Jordan Stalker T/D
« on: September 21, 2004, 06:57:00 AM »
I am an italian archer, very fond of traditional archery. I love all kinds of trad bows: recurves, longbows and historic-selfbows

It's now a week I got my new recurve, a great bow coming from the USA and I would like to share my satisfaction with you fellow archers

It is a Stalker t/d recurve made by John Jordan. He is an excellent bowyer from Ohio, and for what I know he only makes this kind of recurve.

My Stalker is 62" long, weight 41# @ 28".
I choosed a mid-low weight because I currently shoot 3d targets only, I am not a hunter (yet).
Bubinga riser and red elm limbs. Very good looking, perfect limbs alignment, stable limbs/riser coupling with inox pins.
Thoroughly tested all the weekend, it's a very fine shooter, fast and stable. A great buy!

Stalker bows are imported in Italy by Filippo Donadoni, who shoots traditional since he was a boy and has won a lot of prizes at international 3d competitions (the latest: silver medal at european championship last summer). He has been traveling many times in the USA for hunting and selecting items to import.
I don't know who sells such bows in the USA.
Jordan hasn't got an internet site, so if anybody needs more info please go to Donadoni's site at  for the Stalker bow or at  for Jordan himself

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