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Jo-Jan multifletcher
« on: July 25, 2004, 01:16:00 PM »
Well, I've now had the opportunity to make a few dozen arrows using the Jo-Jan Multi-fletcher. It is the one that Cabela's sells for $90 (check ebay first!). It does 6 arrows at a time. I have the right-helical model.

First, it is much different than the usual jigs that you mount in a circle on a lazy suzan, and the clip is held in place by a magnet. No magnets on this thing, and the arrows go in straight. I actually had to read the directions to assemble it, because it is much different than "normal" fletching jigs.

Anyhow, once I got it together, it works very nice. Since the clamps themselves snap in place (no magnet), you have to put the feathers in the right place. The clamps are not marked with a ruler or anything. I just eye-balled it, and then marked them with a Sharpie, so I put the feathers in the same place each time. The nock receivers turn and snap in place nicely. Can do four or three feathers.

One thing I like alot about it, is when you are done using it, you can loosen the leg bolts a little, and then fold the legs underneath. This way, the fletcher folds flat, and is about 12" x 8" x 1". Makes for easy storage.

Overall, it works very nice, and is easy to use. If you're used to the Bliztenburger Dial-o-fletch type, then the Jo-Jan will seem strange and foriegn at first. However, the Jo-Jan, even at $90 from Cabela's is cheaper than six Bliztenburgers or even six of the plastic Grayling fletchers.

I give it a  :thumbsup:
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Re: Jo-Jan multifletcher
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2004, 10:18:00 PM »
I've used one for years, with good results. As mentioned by Tamure, I marked each clamp where I wanted the feather to go, and then numbered the clamps, to avoid any misalignment at all. Good investment, and you can do 6 at a time.

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