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Catts Sidekick Quiver
« on: April 13, 2004, 09:54:00 PM »
Several years ago I asked Steven Catts to build me a modified Lakota style quiver.  We discussed the design and he came up with some good ideas. I, on the other hand, insisted that the opening be on the bottom, which was a bad idea. Anyway, what he made me turned out to be an early prototype of the sidekick. Maybe the first, I am not sure.

Since I insisted he put the opening on the wrong side I kept losing arrows. I later took the strap off and put it on the other side so the opening was now on the top. The hood on mine was detachable and I couldn't figure out how to put on on the opposite side so I used it for several years without the hood.  I liked the quiver very much except for a few things:

1) The leather was a bit heavy and a little too soft. The opening had a tendency to collapse a bit. This never caused any problems but bugged me a bit.

2) Also, the strap wasn't easily adjustable and, for this type of quiver, there were many occasions when I would like to have made a quick change in the length of the strap.

3)Because I had initially insisted, against Steven's advice on having the opening made on the wrong side, I couldn't figure out how to put the hood on. Also, the hood did seem to be a bit "top heavy".

Last Winter, I contacted Steve to see if he would try to modify my early prototype to correct some of these problems. He indicated that he would try to make it as close to a current sidekick as possible. I sent it away and, in a few days, got an e-mail from Steve. He had inspected my quiver and indicated that it really wouldn't work very well- mostly because of the opening being in the wrong side. Out of sympathy, I suppose, he told me that since I had a very early prototype, he would make me a new sidekick for a very good price and he preferred doing that to trying to fix up my old one. I told him to go ahead.

I just received the new sidekick this week and let me tell you it is outstanding! It is lighter than the old one. The leather is a bit stiffer so the opening does not sag. It is surprizingly light and well balanced, even with the hood. The strap is on swivels so it just fits better and the strap has a small quick change buckle.  Every perceived problem was fixed in the new sidekick. Although I never gave any feedback to Steve over the years, he must have read my mind. There is no such thing as a perfect quiver, but this one comes as close for me as is possible. The hood will keep out most rain and keep the feathers from hitting brush. It is NOT top heavy or awkward. It will be easy to carry this quiver and pack a backpack or a treestand on my back. It is very easy to take arrows out, and, surprizingly to put them back with almost no movement. And, it can be worn on either side without getting in the way of anything. It will, take 3 and 4 blade broadheads. ( I do plan to put in a piece of foam on the bottom during hunting season)

Most of all, I was simply blown away by the workmanship.  There is no fancy engraving or painting on the quiver, yet my wife actually "ooood" and "aaaaad" when I took it out of the box. She has never shown any interest in quivers before! It is just an obvious piece of great workmanship.

If you are looking for that perfect quiver, you really need to looke at Steve's "Sidekick".

Don Clark

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