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Author Topic: O,L, Adcock ACS "H" Bow  (Read 247 times)

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O,L, Adcock ACS "H" Bow
« on: April 01, 2004, 10:09:00 PM »
There is a new kid on the block for all of you straight limbed longbow lovers. It is the Adcock ACS "H",the "H" is for Hill style.

I have never really liked Hill style bows,the ones I have shot just had too much hand shock for my liking. Well the Adcock "H" is smooth as butter and dead in the hand,not a trace of hand shock in mine. It is 60#@28",68".cocobolo riser with Actionboo limbs double carbon and black glass,with tan phenolic linen tips. Came with a dynaflight 97 string with beaverballs.

Now, I am not big on beaverballs as silencers, but left them on in my testing,just to see. This bow is QUIET. Did not have to fiddle with the string at all,as in moving the beaverballs. It had a nock point on it set at 9/16 if shooting under, which I did. O.L. recommends a brace of 6 1/2-7". I set it at 7".

I do not have the proper arrows for it yet, but was impressed with the way it shot 65/70 and 70/75 POC and maple arrows,grouped a little left as I thought they would but flew relativly well. I have some 60/65 tapered POC that I need to cut down and add points to so we will see how they work as well as Carbonwood 3000 and 4000, which I have on order.

All in all if you like a straight limbed bow, you have to try an Adcock ACS "H". You will love it.

By the way, the grip is a locator and is much smaller than anyother Hill style bow I have shot, I like it. That was another thing I did not like about Hill style bows,the grip was too bulky.

Oh yes, feather light in the hand, here piggy,piggy.

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