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Cabela's Polartec
« on: February 05, 2004, 10:33:00 AM »
I'm cold natured and tend to flat out freeze on the stand if it gets into the teens or twenties. I know that's balmy to many of my yank bretheren but for Georgia, even North Georgia, that's cold brudda! My father bought me a set of Cabela's Polartec Power Dry underwear for Christmas 02 and it literally is the #1 warmest piece of clothing per pound I've ever had on. I got the expedition weight zip top and expedition weight drawers; liked em so much I bought 2 more pair throughout the year just in case they changed or discontinued them (seems to always happen when I find something that's close to perfect).  The interior is grooved in a grid pattern that traps air against the skin and really does the job insulating.  They also do a great job of wicking sweat away from the skin to keep you warm, so good that when I wear the zip top and a lighter fleece pullover and work up a sweat, I will literally get ice droplets on the surface of the fleece but not cold and clammy next to my skin.  These underwear, a down vest and my Day one Pullover and I'm set for any cold we see here in Ga. Now all those negative temps you yankees see may be another story but I bet if they will keep my cold arse warm they will yours too.

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