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Author Topic: Just want to say that this forum is a big help...  (Read 210 times)

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Just want to say that this forum is a big help...
« on: June 11, 2011, 08:32:00 PM »
I don't want to sound condescending (sp?) but I have never been a "church goer". I am in no way saying that I do not believe in Him, but that I have always thought that the church was trying to take something away from the true meaning of it's purpose. That is the best way that I can describe how I feel. I know for a fact that He is always near by, as I have seen it with my own eyes. But why does someone have to put a name to it? That is what pushes me away from the church I guess. I have struggled with my emotions alot since I have returned from overseas the first time and this last time has made it a LOT worse. I do recieve help from the doc's with a monthly conversation and med's to ease the tension when needed. But I have to step outside and have my own conversation everyday to get thru the day to day hardships. I have started coming to this forum on a daily basis to see His work around the world and to realize that I might not have it as bad as I sometimes think I do. And with that being said, I want to say THANK YOU! To everyone here that has helped someone else or has been helped by someone else's reply's and insightful advice. Again thank you everyone here in my little online world of brothers and sisters, Mike.
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Re: Just want to say that this forum is a big help...
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2011, 07:13:00 AM »

Since God is omniscient and we're finite in mind, body and insight, we cannot begin to put God in a box and say, "That is IT!"

Being in community with other believers is the Church's first duty.  When that doesn't happen, there are folks who are left standing outside wondering.  Christ's love was universal for all, but even the rich man was given the answer he didn't want to hear, so Christ never sugar coated it.

I fear sometimes, we who make up churches become somewhat "comfortable" in our skin and like to feel at peace with those around us and newcomers who don't look, act, dress, smell, or behave the way we think they should, are "not quite embraced."

There are "core beliefs" that God demands and one of them is accepting His Son as our Savior.  You can surely have those core beliefs outside a building's walls...but without other believers, I know it is a bit more of a challenge to maintain.

May you continue to find peace, direction, warmth and acceptance here among us.

The most important thing I've heard for us to grow in spiritual maturity is not to focus on Religion, which is about man's rules and processes, but to build and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Prayers for the anxieties to begin to slip away, giving up those thoughts that create the stress, the memories, the visions, and leave them at the Foot of the Cross.

More prayers for you to find that one special group of believers in your home area where you can go, feel the acceptance and be welcomed in ways you've never known! Just so you have that "loving feeding" on a steady, regular basis to help light the way.

Keep the Son in your eyes, brother. Thanks for your service to our Country and to us!
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Re: Just want to say that this forum is a big help...
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2011, 11:02:00 PM »
I just rambled across this forum and have been encouraged myself. This is my first visit but won't be my last.

The feelings you share are not unusual and most of us have been through times like you describe - knowing that he is there but searching to understand. My take is that religion is man trying to get to God. The beauty of being a Christian is that it is really a relationship. We have a connection with the creator through Christ.

Church is a hospital for sinners (all of us) not a museum for saints! It is great to gather with others for encouragement and to learn...but you can chat with Him anytime and anywhere.

You'll be in my prayers
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Re: Just want to say that this forum is a big help...
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2011, 06:06:00 AM »
Put your trust in Jesus. You need to go to several different churches to find the one were the pastor is teaching right out of the Bible and not some feel good about yourself service. The only way to eternal life is through faith in Jesus not through works although the good works will show themselves in the real believer in Christ, Matthew 7:13-27. When you walk with the Lord you will begin not to sweat the small stuff in this life, will your life here be perfect? no but the things that eat away at you will begin to fade with every passing day in faith in Jesus and eternal life. Church is a good place for learning the scriptures and fellowship with other believers, just be careful with your choice as there are many false prophets willing to twist the word of God for their own gain. God bless you I will keep you in my prayers.
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