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smoked squirrel
« on: January 03, 2015, 04:42:00 PM »
Howdy folks,
thought that I would add a little gem that I conjured up this afternoon.

Santa Claus bfought me a smoker for Christmas and after seasoning  it, i decided to fire it up today on some squirrels that my son and I managed to bag.

Smoker set to 220 with applewood chips and apple cider vinegar  in the water tub. 30 minutes into it, I flipped  them and added more  apple chips. 30 minutes later,I put them into an aluminum pan and covered with foil. Let them cook for an additional 30 min.  

Turned out great!!! Both kids liked them, which doesn't always happen with trial runs!

I used a sweet and spicy rub on them.

Total cook time 90 min for 5 squirrels.

God bless,
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