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Author Topic: A great frying recipe!  (Read 184 times)

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A great frying recipe!
« on: October 05, 2008, 01:11:00 AM »
I got this recipe a while back. My wife and I tried it and it was really good.

You can use this on anything you fry. We used it on some backstrap steaks we cut and tenderized off of a wild hog I killed a few weeks ago.

You get a gallon zip lock back and put in one or two rolls of Ritz crackers. (we used the store brand) press the air out and use a glass or rolling pin and crush the crackers into powder. You then add cajun seasoning.

My wife put the steaks into the crumbs and then dipped it in the egg. She then put it back into the crumbs and then into the grease. cook till golden brown.

They were awsome! It is really a change up from traditional flour.

The recipe actually says to dip it in milk and then the crumbs and into the grease. My wife has always battered things (double dipped) the first way I mentioned and she did it that way. I am sure milk will be just as good. Double dipping makes the crust really thick.

I hope yall like this!

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