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Author Topic: Bear TD limb ?  (Read 389 times)

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Bear TD limb ?
« on: February 23, 2019, 04:01:30 PM »
What's under the white paint? 

Just picked up a set of white Bear TD limbs.  I don't see a White Knight decal, but it does have the remnants of the Bear Take-Down with Fastcor decal on the belly side of the top limb and the standing bear with patent dates decal on the lower limb belly.  The decals are in black and about 60-70%, and the white on the limbs surrounding the decals is yellowing a bit. Except for the area around the decals, the remainder of the limbs have been repainted white, including the tips and wedges.

The wear on the limb butts shows that there's black glass under all that white. So, Bear painted the limbs first and then they were repainted.

Here's the question?  Did Bear paint limbs white to hide defects that may have been in the black glass, or was it just a way of offering another limb color, particularly white, which was and is associated with lighter target weight limbs. Has anyone refinished a set of white limbs and found a surprise under the finish? I plan to refinish these unless there's a good chance I might find substantial cosmetic problems under the white finish. 


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Re: Bear TD limb ?
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2019, 03:32:34 PM »
Late 60's to early 70's. Most where black red tips, painted all white with red silk screens and the stats in  red ink .  All would have A, B and C info, lenght  draw weight and 1,2 or 3 limb lenght. They where lower weight target type weight.  There was a  lot of league shooting going on then and the mag risers where a good value over the wood ones. The had all the adjustment for shooting with sights and different rest combos. Most also have the silk screens under the white paint and the limb info. Have redone a few sets years ago.  You'll also find some white night limbs that had been painted with both red or black silks.

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