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Title: 1970's Flashback
Post by: SteelyDan on August 30, 2016, 10:08:00 PM
I was born and raised in Calgary and learned to shoot a bow in the foothills on Nose Hill. As a teenager,back then, I was a member of the Chinook Archers. The target shooting stars of the day were guys like Fred Walker, Don Lovo and Red Ferrier.

I was more interested in bow hunting. Guys like Len Bachelder helped me get around to hunting the Bow Corridor near Canmore and my first Camp Wainwright bowhunt in 1971 when I was age 17 and before I owned a car.

Anybody else still around from that era on this forum? For me it was the Golden Age of archery.
Title: Re: 1970's Flashback
Post by: Gun on August 31, 2016, 11:13:00 PM
We're about the same age. Although I've only been here since 1987.
I remember all those guys plus some tho. Been a member of ABA since the week after I showed up.
Sure wish I would have grown up in Alberta during the early bowhunting times. How about Karl Pochonik. Built more branch tree stands in Canmore than anyone. Probably killed more P&Y Rams And Elk than most too.
Title: Re: 1970's Flashback
Post by: SteelyDan on September 01, 2016, 01:51:00 PM
Thanks for replying Gun. I thought I might be the only old timer left out here.

I attended a shoot in Red Deer in 1972. A whole group of us stayed in a campground along the Red Deer River. It was a 2D shoot in those days with card board targets cut out to look like animals. It was held in a gravel pit in town; probably a shopping mall or condo units now.

Gordon Kerr was the guest of honour and he had just assumed the position of Director of Fish & Wildlife Division. The guys were shmoozing with him and I guess everyone was hoping that he could push the cause for some more open archery seasons and areas in the Province through his influence. Don't know how that ever worked out.
Title: Re: 1970's Flashback
Post by: Bowshot on September 05, 2016, 09:06:00 AM
Those gravel pits in Red Deer are now a dog park and sewage treatment Center. We had an archery range there up until a guy from out east "bowhunted" a moose on 1 of the islands there. Ran to the store for more arrows. Somebody reported him. He didn't "need" a tag because he still had one from his home province. He went home before his court date, The Mayor was outraged and a bylaw review took place, we now have a no discharge of weapons bylaw that forced the range to close and access to 80 sq miles of annexed land was immediatley off limits for hunting, birds included. I am not as old as Gun, but still have a treestand pretty much in downtown Red Deer that used to be country. It is grown into the tree badly and will be mowed down shortly anyways.

Title: Re: 1970's Flashback
Post by: SteelyDan on September 14, 2016, 08:59:00 PM
Canmore was, maybe still is, a special place for bowhunters. We used to pull the car off the TransCanada Hwy just before the big turn into the town of Canmore. We would then walk in a couple hundred yards and there was an old hand pull trolley car set up. It allowed you to get across an arm of
the Bow River,onto an island where elk hung out. I do not know who would have set that trolley up. There used to be a lot of elk sign there.

We would also hunt for deer on the benches above Harvie Heights and some guys tried for black bear at the open land fill site (dump) east of town.

Sheep were but a dream for me back then.
Title: Re: 1970's Flashback
Post by: SteelyDan on October 07, 2016, 12:10:00 AM
The hunt in Wainwright was memorable for another reason too. It was in November and was cold but dry, in fact no snow at all. The leaves were off the trees and everything was dirt brown. It turned out to be a peak year in the population cycle of Varying Hares.

These rabbits were everywhere, in the thousands, and the poor buggers had all turned white. They thought that by sitting still, they  could not be seen.

Predators must have eaten very well indeed that year.