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Title: Dayone Cowboy Suede
Post by: toddster on February 07, 2019, 09:23:25 AM
I have had few products made by Gary at Dayone Camo.  Last year, after much pondering, I decided to get his western shirt in Cowboy suede.  So, I have roughly tested his over a year and am very happy with it.  Some of us here, know that there have been several materials made by different companies over the decades and under different names (Saddle Cloth).  Gary does say that the shirt does run slightly big, but I opted for the triple X anyway, figure plenty of room for layering.  The package arrived quickly, and very nicely presented.  I got it out and as always inspected it, as with all his products, the shirt is well made with quality material and worksmanship.  Trying it on, I can say this, I should of went with the double X, as that would of given me plenty of room (not his fault mine).  It felt comfortable and the material is thumb nail quiet, I was actually excited to get in the timer to try it.  I had my friend, adjust the sleeves on it, as was way to long for me (short guy).  I threw it in the washer/dryer and it came out still perfect.
    The next week, I took it to the timber with me doing some after season scouting (early march).  This I thought was a good test, because the branches was bare and dry still, and was little damp out.  I slipped through the timber in total comfort, I did have on a T shirt underneath, but it felt great.  As, I moved through thickets, it was whisper quiet, I would say the only thing quieter would be my wool clothes, other than that nothing compares.  I spend a full day walking around going through brush, the last few hours it was spitting rain, and I did not get soaked at all (not this is not waterproof).  The wind was blowing at a decent breeze and this material was like wearing a wind stopper.  I had on a pair of wool pants that I own along with it.  When I got back to the truck, the wool pants was covered with beggars lice and other things, as you know.  But, the shirt had not one thing on it, which is an added plus.
    I wore the shirt off and on through out the year casually, as well as, through Illinois Bow season.  The shirt and material has been flawless.  On one outing, I got back to camp with my wool and sitting on a much needed rest, and the temperature had dropped and wind picked up, I was getting a chill.  I grabbed the shirt and put it on over the wool and with in minutes, I was warm as if sitting by a fire.  I had the pleasure of harvesting two deer this season, one from tree, other from the ground, both within 15 yards, and the material when drawing the bow was so quiet.  I also, missed few others shots, but that was on me, not the material.
    Overall, I am extremely happy with the shirt, so much that I am going to have Gary make me a pair of pants out of the material, for next season.  If you are looking for an added material to your hunting closet, check out Dayone Camo Cowboy Suede, I really don't think you will be mad at yourself for doing so (though wife might be).  It is well priced for the product I think, and worth every penny.
Title: Re: Dayone Cowboy Suede
Post by: toddster on October 17, 2019, 08:44:29 AM
Follow up:
I was so impressed with the shirt Gary made me, that I ordered pants in the same material.  I have been wearing them every hunt since august here in central Illinois after squirrel, turkey and Deer.  Guys, it take alot to impress me and this material really does.  It is quiet, comfortable, water resistant and feels great against the skin.  Though it hasn't got "cold" yet, this material breaths and do not feel any breeze through it.  I love it, just check it out.  Gary will reply with any questions you have.