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Post by: Rob DiStefano on July 09, 2017, 03:40:00 PM
photobucket should be renamed SCUMBUCKET for taking their tens of thousands (millions?) of users and holding their images hostage and totally screwing up tens of thousands (millions?) of worldwide forums, blogs and other online social media outlets in an effort to squeeze a ridiculous amount of extortion dollars to line their coffers.

$400 a year to host images???? I THINK NOT! there are FAR BETTER online image archive services to use for FREE.

i left them over a decade ago because i saw their unscrupulous handwriting on the cyber wall. and since they went "social media" viewing images on scumbucket is slow, full of ads, and very very restrictive. there is no need for any of that, no need to put up with it at all.

if you made the huge mistake of putting your images up in their cloud and didn't save them on your computer, start downloading them now and LEAVE THOSE CRIMINALS ASAP!

you can transfer yer images to any free online image archive service and get FAR better service to boot ... FOR FREE.

i've been using (  for many years, and recommend it highly.