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Title: Field Archery
Post by: R.V.T.B. on March 29, 2008, 10:41:00 PM
I have been a fan of shooting a field course since I was first exposed to the past time in the late 70's.  3-D came onto the scene and field archery kind of fell by the wayside. I enjoy shooting a good 3-D round but have to say that I would rather spend my time on a field course given the opportunity. I can spend a couple of hours on a 3-D course and shoot 25-30 arrows or spend a like amount of time on a field course and shoot 112 arrows out to 80 yards. When I make that comment to fellow traditional shooters a lot of time I am met with looks of confusion. A lot, if not most of them came onto the archery scene after the heydey of field archery. Even though our club maintains an excellent field archery course, many of my shooting buddies have never shot a round on it. They may play around with a target or two but don't get serious about shooting a full field round. In the last six months or so I have come to realize that the reason a lot of them aren't shooting field rounds and do not enter any of our field competitions is that they do not understand how to go about properly shooting a course. They do not know the difference between a hunter or field face and which stake you shoot for each. How to go about shooting a walk up or a fan or even how many arrows to shoot at each target and how to score them. Several guys have approached me about maybe putting on a mini class about the ins and outs of shooting a field archery course and kind of helping to walk them through a course to become more familiar with it. I will probably set something up like that for our local guys but I wonder if many of you would be interested in the session if we opened it up outside our club.

By the way,  Sherwood Archers here in Roanoke is hosting the annual Dogwood shoot the weekend of May 3 & 4 and also the State Open Field shoot on May 24 & 25, if any of you are interested in trying your hand at a field shoot.
Title: Re: Field Archery
Post by: Forester on April 02, 2008, 12:38:00 PM
I'm in for the field course instruction.
Title: Re: Field Archery
Post by: R.V.T.B. on April 20, 2008, 11:54:00 AM
We put on a seminar on field archery last week and I have to say that everyone who showed up out there seemd to really enjoy themselves. If you have never shot a field archery course you owe it to yourself to get out and shoot a round at least once.

Sherwood will be hosting two field shoots in the near future. Our annual Dogwood shoot is the weekend of May 10th & 11th.  and then we will be hoasting the State open shoot the weekend of May 24 & 25. Myself along with several other traditional guys are planning on shooting in these shoots. If you have never shot a field shoot before and desire to give it a try come on out and fling some arrows with us. Let me know in advance and we will do our best to hook you up with one of our guys to help you work your way through the shoot. A lot of guys expressed concern about shooting at the 70 & 80 yard targets. V.B.A. has decided that you only shoot out to 50 yards for the traditional class.

Come on out and shoot with us.  For more information, go to the Sherwood website: (