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Title: Trad Season?
Post by: PASQUINELL on September 02, 2013, 08:21:00 PM
With the passage of the x bow and their "own season" is there any chance of ever seeing a trad only season???
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: Notso on September 04, 2013, 09:31:00 PM
We have had one since 1934 !!! We let the wheelie folks in during the 70's and will be allowing the xbow people in next year. That "progress" for you.
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: Mike Theis on September 04, 2013, 10:30:00 PM
Sure why not? Most in WI talk about the lack of deer, and the reasons why. It's earn a buck, it's liberal doe tags, it's baiting, it too many gun seasons, it's fill in the blank. We even hire 'deer czar's' to sort it all out for us. And now we have cross guns coming into the mix. Notice NOBODY is blaming wood bows. HA!

When the Joe & Jeb deer hunter hit the woods, and don't see enough deer to their liking. The rumbling & mud slinging will start all over. If the archery kill ratio jumps with cross guns in the mix, it'll be the next great deer hunting scape goat. If it jumps 5-10% look out. Other western states are currently looking at rise in success rates in their 'primitive' weapon seasons.. There will be precedent in this line of thinking.

That will be the time to advance the trad only season. It won't be hard to differentiate ourselves from the others. Hope we are at the ready. We are targeting other hunters as allies to preserve bowhunting. What we are trying to preserve really isn't bowhunting, especially with the cross gun decision. We are missing the boat here. We need to get the general public behind us, even for a short time. Then legislators will notice, only THEN we become a force for change. Not easy to do, but honestly, I think it can be done. We need NOT to show who we are, but who we are not. And we will NOT be the problem with bowhunting.
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: Steve D on September 04, 2013, 10:47:00 PM
Would like to see it,but doubt if it will ever happen.Many that would complain about it especially if it was during the "rut" part of the season.The  so called "special interest bunch" would complain that it's exclusionary and denies them the "right" to hunt,PC politicians would jump on that also.
Its getting so fragmented might as well have a one buck only 30day season and choose your weapon,wonder how many would go for the crossbow contraption then or even hi tech bows?
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: Cyclic-Rivers on September 05, 2013, 09:01:00 PM
If everyone had their special season, then people would start fighting over "when" their season will be.  I find that no matter what someone will find something to complain about instead of holding core values.  I think if people stopped selling out to the complainers, things wouldn't be so messed up these days.

It's crazy we have to walk on egg shells to do what we've been doing all along. people forget where we came from and focus on whats next.

I am not sure a Trad only season is the answer. WE can always fight for core Values, ethics and beliefs.  We can Lead by example without being exclusive.  If we isolate, we may have a reverse effect.

Just a thought anyway.  Good luck next week guys, wish I was home to enjoy it.
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: PASQUINELL on September 06, 2013, 02:34:00 AM
Very well said Cyclic. I will be in the Catskills October hunting where it still seems traditional to me.
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: Greg Szalewski on September 06, 2013, 07:37:00 AM
Back about three years ago when a few units were closed to archers taking antlerless deer (this affected our fall hunt) I brought this up at the WTA membership meeting. It seems to me that more deer will be killed with Fords in those units than by traditional archers. At that time most members did not want to pursue a traditional season. I think this will change if there are more cuts into the archery season. I would certainly support a trad season. And in the end this whole technology thing (this really is what the issue is, not just xbows) could be a big boost for traditional archery if we can preserve our current season as a traditional archery season.
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: Mike Theis on September 06, 2013, 08:29:00 AM
I think it is a case of the majority ruining it for themselves, and shooting themselves in the foot with embracing the 'evolving primitive technology'. That term pretty much describes what's happening to the primitive weapon definition of a 'bow'. Pretty pathetic, and it is driven by people looking for a buck($$$). We are not steering this ship.
Title: Re: Trad Season?
Post by: Steve D on September 06, 2013, 05:49:00 PM
Given the choice most folks will opt for shortened seasons with all the gizmo's, bells,whistles etc.rather than long seasons with major hunting equipment restrictions.
I've personally seen the gap widen immensely with bows themselves and what is called archers bowhunters.
Here would be a good restriction for bowhunting ,since crossbow is coming no scopes period,for bows no releases,that would be a start think folks would go for that?NO way. Could go on and on but unless game depts sell the hunt instead license sales and all this hunter  recruitment mantra, it will only keep eroding.
Hunt for your enjoyment and be thankful when one has success in the field.