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Title: Promoting Archery In Your Area
Post by: GameMaster on March 21, 2006, 10:14:00 AM
About four years ago our archery membership was going down a little each year. I came up with an idea of a kid's archery clinic. The clinc is free and they use all TD recurves that I bought. I approached my employer and asked for a donation and also two other children's interest groups here in Racine for money. Little did I know how this would expand.I found out that when you get the kid's interested the parents will follow. Now I have to run adult clinics and kids both on seperate nights. My local archery dealer found out what I was up to and now gives me a huge discount because his business is better when they buy their own new epuipment. My wife Nancy and I took archery courses and now are NAA certified instructors with protected insurance where ever we teach.Thru our teachings by this Sept. we will have over 1000 people that we have started shooting archery. Our club now has summer league each year and we have 75 kids. Our adult league has 500 shooters every week. Please contact me on any questions to promote archery!
Title: Re: Promoting Archery In Your Area
Post by: dbllunger on March 21, 2006, 12:03:00 PM
Thanks Shane,
I want to start something like that now that I an on the Pro Staff at LaCrosse Archery here in Onalaska.  I'm sure i can get good prices for some recurves.  The Genesis bows are everywhere and a great tool but I really like to see those kids with a stickbow in there hand. where are you getting kids bows at a good price?

Title: Re: Promoting Archery In Your Area
Post by: GameMaster on March 21, 2006, 04:42:00 PM
Hello Eric, I know your area well.I used to fish north of you by Trempelau for years. Yes, when  come to our clinic's everyone starts out with a recurve and down the road if they want to try a different method let them, it is all archery to me. I do think you can teach better form with a light enough recurve. See if you can find some sponsors, all they can say is no but you have to ask. I went to the largest archery dealer and he gave them to me for cost. Call one and see if they will give you a break if you buy a few. I started with 12 and now I have around 50 TD's from 15 pounds up to 35. I use Internature Td's and like them. After a child has been with me for one year I ask the parent to get them their own equipment. What happens is the parent's now become interested and your shop is seller to the whole family.