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Title: WTT Custom Longbow for vintage Shotgun
Post by: 7 Lakes on March 14, 2012, 08:10:00 PM
I build custom Longbows but no matter how hard I try I cannot hit quail on the fly . I want a 20ga or 16ga shotgun. Preferably a Lefever nitro, Fox B., LC Smith will work. Chokes must be Imcyl & Mod or Skeet. No cut barrels, must accept modern ammo. I'm not real picky on looks but the gun must fire both barrels, extract shells, lock up tight, real tight and fire the next two shells. I can fix the wood on any ugly gun as long as it meets the requirements above, so don't worry about scratches, dings or chips.

In return for your shotgun I'll build you a Longbow that fits you.

If you are an Archer with more guns than you know what to do with, give me a call. (
Mike Ballenger