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Title: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Terry Green on September 19, 2004, 08:26:00 AM
Thought this might make a good running thread for the fall seasons.  Lets see.

If you hunted, and want to come in at the end of the day and post a little report on your adventure, then have at it. You certialy don't have to kill anything to post, just anything interesting would good.

And remember, post your 'hero pics' on the Highlights 04 forum.

I'll start....

In route to my 'bear woods', the road was out AGAIN.  Last year the state cut me off working on this one certian road just after I had finnaly found huntable bear sign, and nearly got a Ivan washed out the bridge, and not until I'd driven in half way.  Had to re-group.

Went to another place hi in the mountians....bout a 40 minute run from the bridge.  Walked a mile to the top of the MT..and off the other side a quarter...came back to the top...and eased off a lead I'd hunted before.  Yep...same 'spagetti junction' in the ferns as last year....I'll set up here.

The wind was howling up the lead, and I posted up looking down and to the right.  I knew something could be on me rather quickly, and silently.

Sure enough, at 15 till six, I turned my head left, and there he was, yet ANOTHER 200+ Cohutta Mt boar hog.  Look just like my McKenzie big boar, cept thicker.....and he was in boa range the 1st time I set eyes on him....just one more step...just one more....

He smelled my track, and turned and lopped down the lead, and I went after him.....bout 100 yards down the lead, with me not getting closer than 30 yards, he bailed off the steep stuff, and I knew he'd I bit him adue.

45 minutes latter, here comes a wad of fitty pounders.  Now when they smelled my track, it was like the Keystone Cops, and I got quite a laugh out of all the confusion and tail chasing, as I'm sure the big sow did taking up the rear.

That was my hunt for Saturday the 18th.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Littlefeather on September 19, 2004, 09:21:00 AM
My hunt for the 18th started a little late because I needed ta finish up the ribs on the grill. Headed of into what me and Charlie call Sherwood Forrest. It was more of a scouting trip for the upcomming deer season. I found a few rubs along the way but nothing really too impressive.

The hogs really haven't been around this area since my lovely neighbor bulldozed his seven hundred acres. Dontcha just love Cattle Ranchers!!! Anyway, as I eased along I thought I heard a squeel. I actually had to bend down to see under a limb in front of me. Just as I did a nice red Sow about 125# and three little striped red piglets in tow. She was pretty close but considering the circumstances I think I'll just let those pigs grow awhile. It was a good hunt that put me back at the house just as last light fell. CK
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: StanM on September 19, 2004, 11:03:00 AM
My hunt on the 18th went poorly.  About 9:00 am I arrowed one of the largest blacktail 4x4's I've ever seen.  An' I been chasin' them for over 20 years.  Shot might've been a little high, and for some reason penetration was only 8-9 inches.  At 9:01 it started pourin'.  Decided to get on the trail sooner rather than later as blood was disappearing before my eyes.  Looked until dark in circles and grids in reprod over my head.  No deer.  Going back out to look this afternoon.  Feel sick.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: BunneyHunter on September 19, 2004, 11:08:00 AM
Well i was just a tag along, but went out bear uhnting with some folks yesterday, we treed 3 bears in one tree and might have been a forth one nearby.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: JC on September 19, 2004, 01:09:00 PM
Well I'ved spent 35 total hours on 5 different stands and have seen 3 deer during the daylight in the last two weekends. Hunting public land, wayyyy back in there. Last year every one of these stands had at least one deer killed out of them by the end of the 2nd weekend.Lots and lots of acorns blown to the ground, muscadines, scupernongs, dogwood berrys, persimmons.  There's just food everywhere. Guess they just ain't leaving the bedding areas.

Now, funny thing is, this morning on the way to the stand @ 5am, I see and walk past 4 deer bedded down not 20 yards off the main road in a wide open pine meadow.

Gonna try this week and if it don't get no better I'm gonna go hog chasin!

Frustrated Joe  :knothead:
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Littlefeather on September 19, 2004, 01:16:00 PM
Sunday Sept 19: Started the day late but decided to go back to Sherwood Forrest and continue scouting deer. I took along a varmit call and did some calling. At my third stop I did a three sequence call and waited. Nothing was happening and I was thinking it was too late but as I raised up and started back down the trail I was almost run over by a fast moving coyote. Quess I should take my own advice and exercize more patience. Im not sure which one of us scared the other worse.

I was just interupted while I typed this by the dogs barking outside. I look out to see a squirrel in the Pecan tree barking at the dogs as they barked at him. One Magnus blunt between the eyes and I now have somthing to go with Fridays bunny. I wonder how squirrel mixes with bunny? Sounds like a potatoe meal. CK
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Huntrdfk on September 19, 2004, 02:19:00 PM
Sept 18th

Ivan got here Friday eve, and it rained from then until about 2 Sat afternoon.  As it began to let up, I figured the animals would be out and about, so out I went.  Got to the spot I was going to hunt, and a guy shows up on a three wheeler, then another, both bowhunting. (you can walk from one end of the property to the other in fifteen minutes).  I take off, shortly after I hear the three wheelers coming.  I get into the property about halfway, it is all overgrown fields full of wild apple, pear and cherry trees.  The three wheeler gets close, and off runs a six point buck that he never sees.  As he passes me, he actually stops and tells me he is to lazy to walk, then drives off. Thirty yards further I come upon a doe and two fawns watching the three wheeler drive off. I am 10 yards from one of the fawns, and they have no idea I am there. The doe is about 60 yards out, finally sees me and takes one fawn with her.  The second just moseys around by me, I drew on it a number of times but didn't shoot.  This fawn wlaks by me, and I head into the field to my stand, the fawn begins to follow me, and does so for about 50 yards.  I get to my stand, and realize I have forgotten my steps, so end up hunting from the ground.  On the way out I again run into the fawn again, and again have multiple chances to shoot, but don't.  This was only my second time out since Wednesday when our season opened.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: kojac on September 19, 2004, 04:32:00 PM
sunday sept 19th

I've been wanting to go to this spot for some time now but I have not had the right wind for a morning stand set.  Ive been spotting this area for several weeks and I know of several good shooter bucks in the area.

I have the day off and the wind is right for what I call the canoe stand.  To enter this stand I have to access the woods from the other side of the river and canoe about a mile up stream which I figured should take about 30-45 min.

this is a new stand for me so I have no stand in place which means I must allow enough time to hang my stand all before sun-up.

45-50 min. into the canoe trip I arrive to my river exit point and all is well(I'm not all wet anyway). I did however have a couple does blowing at me before my exit but I beleive most of the deer are still feeding in the alfelfa field and should not be to concerned.

I stumble through the trees toating my bow and tree stand to a spot that looks good and hang my stand. Keep in mind it is dark and I have never hunting this spot before.

Ok, my stand is hung and I'm standing on the platform of my stand clearing some branches and I hear some ruckus up wind of my location, the light is dim so I settle in and wait.

All the ruckus finally shows itself as a group of five bucks all of which stir around my stand and offer several shot opportunities but I chose not to shoot (in hopes for bigger).

I was on stand around 3 hours and had around a dozen deer come within shooting range. I did see a shooter buck skirt by me at about 50yrds but not within shooting distance.  And the canoe trip back dry and uneventful.

If the winds are right I will do it again tomorrow with a slight ajustment to stand location.

good luck,
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Bpaul on September 19, 2004, 04:51:00 PM
Sept 18th

Headed out to the little farm property that I'm house-sitting & hunting on Friday and it's raining and nasty when I get there.  Helps me "decide" that I'll just double check my patterning of the deer that night. Sure enough, 6:00 on the bell the doe/fawn combo and forkie appear out of nowhere and head up the blackberries to the apple and pear trees up by the road.  

Saturday I wash up, dress up in carharts and flannel shirt, facepaint and boonie hat and sneak on over to a small spot I've cleared in the brambles.  It's pretty open but with cover in front and a nice small stand of alders behind to break up my outline.  According to my patterning, they should come in and stay crosswind of me in this spot.  It's not right up at the apples, but that's upwind and not a whole lot of places to hide.  

I end up getting dam cold by the time the doe and fawn show up.  But no buck.  This is the first time I haven't seen the little forkie with them in two evenings (not consecutive).  I was very gratified, however, that the pair walked by completely unalarmed at less than 10 yds.  A little later something at the road spooks em & they bounce back down past me and then turn downwind as they exit.  If they re-approach I'll be thoroughly winded, so I slowly hunt my way back.  

My very first hunt for deer, first hunt with this selfbow too.  Very cool.

Come home to get some better clothing (the cotton just about froze me to death in that drizzle) and have a minor disaster.  Taking all my hunting clothes into the wash with a bunch of baking soda, I throw in some army surplus wool pants I just bought.  After I start the wash, the overwhelming fume of moth balls begins coming out of the washer   SH%$$!! I only hope I can be done descenting this stuff before it's time to get back out there.

ps/edit:  No way I'll be done, I'll just hunt the wind, which I have to do anyway.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Roughcountry on September 19, 2004, 06:59:00 PM
Sept 18th
Headed up for a afternoon hunt for deer or elk in a new area. The roads are closed in this area to moterized rigs so I loaded a mt. Bike to get in a ways. I wanted to try out Trashwoods sling idea also.
About a mile & a half in I tried for some rough grouse but could never get a clear shot at them in some reprod. They finally down the draw and I lost sight of them.
I left the bike at a couple miles in and headed up a ridge that flattens out and looked really good on the maps. Found plenty of rubs, both deer and elk and the top was better than the map promised. It alternates between old growth timber and twenty foot reprod which is perfect.

Found one rub where a bull had hooked the ground up all around it. I would give a quiet cow call about ever 1/4 mile but no bugles and nothing sneaking in.
I did ease up on a doe with twin fawns, no buck around. It has to have horns in this unit.

I got out to a point where the trees were gone and you could see the country. I spent some time glassing and then snaped a pic or two. [ Its on the huntin pic thread]
I found water by acident after hearing a deer blow out of a spot[ winded again] never got a look at it.

I like the looks of this country enough to come back with the tent the middle of the week an stay a few days. It's got grouse so the boss will throw her bike in and come along also.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: AkDan on September 19, 2004, 07:26:00 PM
Hunts drawing to a close here.  So far have passed on 3 different cows (1 at 11 steps), no sheep, might still get a chance for goats/caribou or get back out for sheep again depending on weather and some information I eagerly await tomorrow evening.  The grouse hunting has been pretty good compared to years past in both having a fair to good number of ruffies and spruce hens around.

Winter's almost here!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Puma Tom on September 19, 2004, 08:55:00 PM
Good Job Guys!!

Great hearing about yer exploits out there..

Hearing about your adventures helps, since our season don't open till>>>> Oct.15 in NY.

Keep em coming........  Tom.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Doug in MN on September 19, 2004, 10:56:00 PM
Sept 19th, Went early with my 15 year old son. Had 2 does come in about 7:00 they were a bit skittish and never got closer than about 25 yards it was his shot and he wanted them closer. Temp hit 80 by 11:00 enough sitting in the stand off to the lake for some fishing. Best part of the whole day we watched a Osprey take a nice Northern Pike 30-40 feet a way. A great day!
Doug D
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: AkDan on September 20, 2004, 12:42:00 PM
Well we've been seeing a cow moose pretty regularly now for the past few days.  Last nite I tried an ambush and was off by a hundred yards or so.  She's pretty dog gone spooky and was gone as fast as she was there.

This morning I tried the same thing, thinking the mornings were better anyways.  This morning was no different.

I was sneaking on an oxbow that ran adjacent to a pipeline trail.  I figured she was there as I could hear the typical woosh of water of a moose eating roots from down below.  As I closed the distance to 50-75 yards, a 4 wheeler pulls up along the pipeline path, he stops at where the oxbow is only a few feet of the trail, stands up, turns around, picks up his bow, takes 1 step off his wheeler.  I picked the glass's up and realized he was range finding the cow.  No sooner did he put that ranger finder down, he was at full draw and he let her sail.  The typical noise bustin sound, lots of water, lots of sticks, then silence.   Other then passing my truck on his way in, he never knew I was 40 yards from him peering through the tree line.  

I didn't know whether to be happy for the guy or to be totally ticked being he knew something was up due to where I parked my rig.  We chatted for a second after I whisteled to him softly to let him know I was there.  No apologies, nothing....  10 more days and my hunt season is over!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Doug Campbell on September 20, 2004, 03:24:00 PM
Well it's a dreary day on the mountain but perfect for what I intended, "the best laid plans". Came in to dry out and get a bite to eat now I'm about to comfortable to go back out.

Looked out at fresh snow and very low clouds at daylight this morning and decided it was perfect to invade a spot where I've been seeing a dandy dark horned 6pt bull. He's been camped with his cows in a small side hill drainage that is almost impossible to approach so with the "cover" this morning I decided to drop everything and do it. A four mile round about ride on the ATV put me within a half mile and it was looking perfect.

I slipped in quitely and crawled thru the snow and brush for the next four hours. Never heard a peep or saw anything  :(  About then a warm breeze swept in and all the pretty snow turned to WET. Time I slogged out I was pretty much soaked head to toe then it decided to cool off again. It was a chilly ride back out.

This big boy seems to be leading a charmed life so far but I'll be back!!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Charlie Lamb on September 20, 2004, 09:45:00 PM
Got out tonight for the first time since I got back from Colorado. Just gotta forget the elk and mulies and get on with the whitetail shootin!

Beautiful evening in the woods. Slipped into the woods on a favorable wind and checked a few trails as I went.
A little gray squirrel spotted me coming and set up a helluva ruckus. Nothing to lose, I slipped a blunt from my quiver and nocked it on the Howard Gamemaster.
The first time I had a chance I drew down on him and skewered his noisy hide... 25 yards. Nothing like a little confidence builder before gettin serious with the deer.
I had a couple more squirrels around me as the evening passed. I let them go about their business while I waited for bigger prey.
The sun set in a glorious burst of reds and orange. Not a bad day at all.
I did have 4 or 5 deer cross the road in front of me before I got to the black top.    
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Timo on September 20, 2004, 10:14:00 PM
Not really a hunting story,but as I grow in years,I tend to do a lot of observing,before I step into the woods.

I've been watching a pair of young bucks,(small 4x4s) crossing the alfalfa field, and hooking into a small finger of woods,that run out into the field.Everynight to the minute, for the past 5 nights.

They had a much larger buddy,but he seems to be a bit shy? If I tarry from work a bit,I get to watch them on there return trip.They bed in the shadows of the cool creek bottom.

The oaks are dropping they fruits,and the game has switched to the ridges.I suppose the two can be found there under the giant red oaks,in the darkness.

There will appear a large scrape in that finger of woods, in a few weeks.I'm posed, and ready.

He'll show,I'll watch, and wait.

In the mean time, I'm really enjoying reading all of the day hunts.Keep them coming.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Tracy McQueen on September 20, 2004, 10:41:00 PM
I'll chime in a bit.

The 19th I went back to a farm I have been hunting for the past three years. More of a hunting/scouting trip than anything else since my knees were killing me and I was not up to a bunch of walking. After parking the ATV, found a nice white oak grove that the deer have been hitting pretty good and plan to go back and set up tomorrow (21st) evening. Saw a butt load of tree rats and one big black (imported from Michigan by coon hunters) coon I would have shot if I could have gotten close enough. My brother and I also have some winter wheat and oats out in a few selected locations.

I'm hoping to put a nice fat doe in the freezer first off then spend the rest of the year hunting for the "Big Boy" that my brother and I have both seen. Bro is a gun hunter only (I'm working on that!) so I have a few weeks before he and my nephew hit the woods. I've actually been after this deer for the past two years and passed a lot of shots on smaller bucks because of him. But this year he is just an awesome double droptine hunk of Ky. buck that made my knees weak when I got a look at him a few weeks ago. Oh dear Lord please let this be my year!!!  :readit:    :bigsmyl:  

Good luck folks! You all are number 2 on my list to get a biggun'!  :wavey:
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: MDbowhunter on September 21, 2004, 12:04:00 AM
Hello Gang-

Well, let me start with opening day 9/15.  This is an easy one for me.  It rained the entire time and I did not see a single deer.  On the bright side I did get to help my brother drag out a healthy doe.  It was nice to get out in the woods again.  Oh yeah as a side note, I recently switched to aluminum shafts and switched to wensel woodsmans.  The reason I bring this up is because I got the wrong file (to narrow) and was not able to sharpen my heads.  My brother wanted me to come along for the opener.  In order for me to get out there the next day I would have to bring my compound.  This was very dissapointing to me because I have spent a great deal of time practicing and shooting 3-D with my recurve.  I had also told myself that I would only hunt with stickbows this year.  However, I did not want to veto my brothers offer.  Quickly I remebered how heavy my compound is compared to my curve.....I was almost glad I did not see anything. Although,I was happy for my brother and it was nice to be back in the woods.

Today, 9/20, I had all my trad equipment ready. The wensels shaving hair off my arms.  I did get off on the wrong foot however.  Setting my alarm for 5:00 last night, I forgot to go to AM.  So rising on my own at 6AM I hurried and finally made it to the woods right around the 6:55 sun-up.  It was already pretty bright which aided in setting my stand quickly.  About 45 min into the hunt, I turned to notice a doe and a fawn coming from behind me.  Walking down the path searching for acorns.  15 more yard and she will be broadside.  She stops right where I had hoped.  As I began to draw, the spot that I am focused on becomes covered.  The fawn she was with decides to stand right next to her, blocking my shot.  I think to myself, when she clears the next tree the arrow will be in her.  She had a different plan, stopping behind the tree and then useing the tree as a shield as she walked away from me.  Oh well, at least I was seeing deer and it was not raining.  The weather in fact was perfect, one of the coldest days of summer here in Maryland.  The next three hours turned out to be pretty uneventful.  I figured that I would get out of my stand so I could go home, get some food and make a few work related calls.  I was planning on meeting my brother at 3pm for an afternoon hunt anyway.  As I was reaching for my tow rope, I caught a quick glimpse of a tail flicker.  WHAT,  a deer was 40 yards right in front of me and he was facing away.  How did he even get there? Did he walk right past me? No way. Waiting to see what it would do, I noticed it was a young buck with a spike on one side and a fork on the other.  He turns, again searching for acorns, walks around a fallen tree and heads straight toward my stand.  At 18 yards, he stops, still facing me.  He is concerned with something behind him.  I was hoping that it was a bigger buck, but nothing else ever materialized.  In fact, the young buck did not take those 2 or 3 steps that I need for a shot, but turned 180 degrees and went back to the trail he had come.  I'd be back at 3:00 though.

I got fed and returned around 2pm.  I had called my brother to let him know that I would be out in the woods by the time he got there.  After, spending 4 and a half hours in the stand without seeing anything I was about to pack it in again.  Once agian, right as I am trying to leave the deer show up.  This time, the buck is a yearling with 3 to 4 inch spikes.  I do notice another deer taking up the rear.  I wish I could say it was a buck that would easily make book or magazine cover.  Instead, it was a good sized doe.  In Montgomery County the deer are so overpopulated that doe harvest are unlimited.  However bucks are limited to 2 per season.  I set my sights for the doe.  As they munched on acorns that had been raining down, helped by a flock of birds that had landed in a huge oak about 30 min before, the doe, within range turned broadside.  I picked a spot, drew, anchored and then let fly.  Dang! Dang! Dang! I heard my arrow shoot in to the ground.  Most have shot right over her back.   Dumb Dumb, all those 3-D shoots, I know that I have to shoot a little lower from a stand.  Well, the doe takes off and the spike runs about 10 yards, waits a moment or two then runs to catch the doe.  I sat for a minute or two kicking myself.  I then took out my binos and tried to spot my arrow from my stand.  I could not see it anywhere.  How could I not see yellow barred feathers?  Well that was enough for me, I gathered my stuff and got down.  I went to find my arrow.  HOLY COW, my 2018 easton Legacy had been dipped bright red, BLOOD.  Sweet, I guess the arrow was only in the deer for a milisecond and my mind did not compute that the deer was hit.  It looked to me that I had shot over.  A quick call on my Rino GPS gave my brother my position. When he showed up about 10 minutes later and we began to track.  The blood was pretty good and went about 175-200 before we found her.  She was hit a little high, but the woodsman blew through her and due to the angle from the stand the exit hole was properly placed.  I did good.

Oh yeah, this is my first traditional deer.

Feels damn good.  Thanks for reading.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Hoodoo Arrow on September 21, 2004, 12:18:00 AM
Back from 5 days helping a buddy with his moose tag.  Snow, rain and the wildest moose I've ever been around.  7 bulls tried - moose 7 us 0.  Needed a pump gun with pellets.  Bedded in the nastiest dark timber, wouldn't show up much during daylight.  Tough.  Got out foxed by three or four bull elk during same days as well.  Buddy managed to get one 5 point to about 10 yards, then got shook up and launched a 1/4 draw at him.  Got pissed when I rolled around on the ground laughing so hard the snot was coming out of my nose. Time to hunt antelope for a while and regroup.  Save the rest of the elk hunt for the end of the month.  Best of luck and congrats to everybody else.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Doug Campbell on September 21, 2004, 12:35:00 AM
WOW! What an evening! After striking out on my big bull this morning I decided to take it easy and try to fill one of my doe tags at a neighbors place. I grabbed my gear out of the truck and headed up the creek to my stand and saw what I thought was one of the angus bulls that are running in the bottom. After a double take it turned out to be a BIG bear and it wasn't 30yards from my stand. It didn't take long to go into stalk mode. I closed the distance to 40 yards pretty quick with a perfect wind but as I was slipping in for the final few steps I felt a puff of wind on my neck and quicker than you can imagine the stalk was over.

I headed back to check out another spot and ran into the neighbor so we visited for a few minutes then I headed into the woods again. I'd barely got started again when I looked up and saw another bear not 20 yards from where the first one had been. The stalk was on again and I was hoping the wind would hold this time. I made the same 40 yard mark again and was just watching because this bear was super nervous when a little black head popped out of the weeds next to the bear.

Oops momma and baby means slip out quitely so I did. Guess I'd done too much tromping around there for the night cause the deer never showed up but it was a very successful night anyway   :thumbsup:
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Bpaul on September 21, 2004, 12:46:00 AM
19th and 20th (tonight) --

So I'm supposed to be the sneaky one right?  Ain't that right?  

Ok, so I set up in the same ground blind I hunted before (could have cleaned it a bit better) and waited for the parade.  I was fretting about smelling like grandma's coat closet still, but decided to go for it anyway... the spot is great windwise, maybe it won't matter.  

Sure enough, here come the does and babies.  All 6 this time.  1 no fawn, 1 with 1 fawn, 1 with 2 fawns.  I don't know that fawn is the correct word anymore, the youngins' are big enough they're hard to tell from the moms at this point.  They head right as I expected them to, which leads them a bit out of range from my spot. When they wander back downhill, however, they normally path along the berries right past me at 10 yards or less.  

They begin wandering back and the light's getting thinner and thinner.  One doe (the biggest, and without kids) wanders by and stands around 25 yards away.  Almost a shot opportunity, but no go.  

So I'm standing now, very well camoflauged (sp?) as the camo I chose is for dark forest and looks dandy here... face paint and all.  Anyway, I'm watching upwind where some of the does are messing around, and I hear something behind me.  I forget my book learnin' and jerk my head around reactively, instead of sloooooowly.  

There's the buck.

Dam him, he let the women and children come in as shock troops (as I knew he would) and then comes in at a totally different angle!  He's 12' behind me, downwind, and frozen staring right at me.  He has a big body for a forkie, which doesn't surprise me on this side of the mountains in Oregon.  Might be a 3 year old with little points I can't see or something... he seems quite hefty compared to the ladies.  

He's staring at me, I'm frozen... little breeze comes along, he gets skittish, finally decides to stomp a few times and book.  

Exciting, he was DAM close and that gave me info for the next day's scouting/tracking.  This morning, I use this info and head over to that area of the property.  I find a whole new network of trails.  I also decide to give the buck a nickname... he has attitude, and I settle on Little Mister (god knows why).

Today, I figured since I've been busted up by the apples, I'll pick another trail that shows tracks leading upslope (so deer moving in the afternoon, as opposed to moving back down hill to bed after dark) but downhills quite a ways from my former blind.  I make a little clearing among some small alders and grass mid-day , swing around a bow-length stick to make sure it'll work, and get out of there to let things calm down before I return this afternoon.  The spot has a very brushy draw behind it, and there are some trails but I'm pretty confident that they're late-night bed trails.

I bring a stump to sit on when I return, thinking I'm smart.  I found out after 3 hours that I need some more paddin' on my tush... I was agonizing just as the light was getting right.  

So I'm setting in this little blind, which is REAL close to the trail, and kind of exposed, but I thought I'd try it.  Great quartering away shot opportunities if they should come this way.  

I hear some deer up and south of me, and it sounds like the parade has chosen a different entrance to the property because the wind has changed.  I'm starting to think about still-hunting upwind a ways when I hear a LOUD "WHUFF -- WHUFF!" right behind me, like -- not 10' behind me. 'Bout scares the crud out of me too.


Yet again Little Mister has snuck up on ME!  And downwind, and opposite of the direction I was facing in my blind.

About now I start having some fantasties about calling a time-out to all this hunting stuff and pulling Little Mister aside for a chat.

"Look, you're the deer, I'M the hunter.  You're supposed to be walking along, oblivious to my brilliantly placed blind, up-wind, and broadside at about... oh say 15 yards.  You're the one who'se supposed to be 'Doe-Eyed' -- NOT ME.  Get it?  Me Hunter, You Prey -- Capiche?  Now let's try this again next weekend and this time try cooperating with the plan."  I smack his haunch, sending him back into the woods like a bad horse and return to reality.

Dam buck is schooling me good.  

I still-hunt back up the road to the farmstead and the does and yearlings are everywhere.  I get spotted a couple times and wait out the stare, pace, stare... wander off scenario a few times.  Eventually I wait for the deer to be out of sight and I change walk to "I'm just Farmer Bill headed out to the garden... nothing to see here, nothing to see."  The deer stand around and stare at what formerly they thought was deadly, I go over to the fence on the garden and open and close it for an added dash of realism.  

Hell, who am I fooling --

I'll be back next week Little Mister... and this time, you better be acting like Prey instead of such a Sneaky Bas&%@!.  

ps:  Had a freaking great time, taking my lumps but in the deer every night, I can't complain. Hell, it's my first season ever and I'm trying to hunt with a selfbow, on the ground for crissakes.

I can see why folks like rifles (could have downed a dozen deer by now -- total carnage), and compounds (probably an honest 4 deer dead by now), and tree stands (at least 3, even with my selfbow).  

So far, only the treestand is really tempting me.  I'm going to try more with ground blinds and may cave in to that idea if I'm still failing a month from now.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Tree Killer on September 21, 2004, 08:09:00 AM
Keep after 'em Brandon! Been hunting Blacktails for 37 years and I still take my share of lumps  :readit:  

Good luck!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Pete W on September 21, 2004, 12:35:00 PM
On Saturday morning at first light I was trying to get into shooting position on a cow moose when she spooked and let out a loud bark and trotted off.Instantly  Bull Elk bugled not to far away so I answered him and the game was on.He instantly replied and I started moving in thru a swamp and thick brush.I could hear him coming closer too.Finaly got to the old growth trees and he was coming in fast.More noise than you could imagine.Bugles.grunts,chuckles and growls.Branches were cracking like a D8 cat clearing trees.
I nocked an arrow and didn't even have time to drop my pack and I could see the rack coming in thru the brush.
I noticed my glasses were fogging up but no time to clean them.It was only one side anyway and he was going to be close.
He broke thru the brush at 20 yards and turned broadside with his head behind a big tree and Bugled again.
The shot was rehearsed thru every move.All was as perfect as it gets. I thought. It was like going down a check list making sure everything was perfect.,well almost perfect the sight picture was a bit fuzzy from the right lense being wet and fogged up, but what can that do at 20 yards?
I released as clean a release as I have ever done and watched in horror as the arrow flew in slow motion BEHIND HIM ! Why do they look so slow when you screw up? LOL
That's right I shot behind him.Unbelievable but I totally missed what seemed like a perfect shot.I watched in disbelief as he bolted, I bugled and he replied then growled like a bear or a lions roar.,Bugled again and he came back and stood behind a couple trees for a minute then turned again and gave me  a second shot at 25 Yds.
This time I made sure that everything was perfect again and released a clean arrow, BEHIND HIM again!!!!!!!!!
It is amazing how slow an arrow flies when you screw up.I can still see them in super slow motion,flying in the wrong place.
I couldn't figure it out at first.Then after some cleaning of glasses it dawned on me what was going on.the right lense fogged up was making my left eye the dominant eye.With this in mind I tried shooting with a foggy right lense and guess what, I shoot way off to the left.
What a lesson to learn.Both arrows were found clean as a whistle.
The trip was a meatless one but exciting to say the least.I will see those arrows  for a long time now  flying off target like they did.
Even with the best of gear and lots of practice things can go wrong.The good things that come from this exciting hunt are that I learned a valuable lesson.
1/ Clean them or toss them if the glasses fog up, especially if it the right lense only.!!
2/ I get to go elk hunting again.
3/ I didn't have to pack him out of that jungle he was in 2 miles back to camp.LOL
All in all it was a very successful hunt and I had a great time.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Charlie Lamb on September 21, 2004, 09:42:00 PM
Got in a couple of hours tonight. Nothing spotted. I'm going in in the morning and watch.
I need a rain so I can do some still hunting.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Tracy McQueen on September 21, 2004, 10:13:00 PM
Thank you God for another beautiful and relatively pain free day for me here in Kentucky. You know I'm always especially grateful for those.  ;)    :wavey:  

He never even knew I was there.

He was never in any real danger from me, at least not this early in the year. I'd much rather have a nice fat doe right now for the freezer; especially since I know his grandpaw is still out there somewhere and I've got plenty of time.

A little further along I stopped a sat a while to listen to the little brook as it sang it's way on down the hollow and noticed a patch of paw-paw I had not seen before. No fruit this year, but maybe next.

By now my knees were starting to complain a bit. Wondering, I suppose, what the heck I thought I was doing walking all that distance on them when they wern't much used to that any more. I mentally told them to shut up and not ruin what was so far a great day and that I didn't have any pain pills with me for them anyway.

I knew it was going to be getting dark in the woods pretty soon and began to ease my way back to the truck. As I topped the last little rise before heading for home I turned to the west and was greeted with a beautiful sunset of pink, orange, blue, and purple.

I may be eating pain pills and track soup tonight, but the taste is sweet as honey.   :thumbsup:
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: manyletters on September 21, 2004, 10:58:00 PM
Just came back from two days out at our hunting camp. First morning, I get to the treestand on the edge of an alfafa field bout an hour before sunrise. Things sure look different in the dark, eh!! Just at first light, a small four point bull elk walks up the cutline and it looks like he is going to pass by at 20 yds. Right at the point that he starts to get into range he veers off for no good reason...elk don't need a reason...and passes by at 60 yds. in the wide open. Too far for me to shoot. He jumps the fence into the alfalfa, feeds there for about half an hour and then proceeds to walk away. Later that day, I go back to the same stand at 3:00 pm thinking that no animal will be out in the field feeding at that time of day. Well I jump 3 mulie bucks that were bedded in a hollow in the field that I didn't see...2 of them are forkers but the other is a nice 4x4 that I missed a week ago...darn tree got in the way...that was my first day.

The second morning I walk into the stand again...spook 3-4 deer on the way in...just when it gets light I find myself surrounded by whitetails...13 to be exact...2 5x5's that are quite nice, a 3x3 and a forker, the rest were does and fawns. The bucks were heading my way when a doe with two fawns busted me when the wind shifted slightly. Then all of them left. Like Arnold says "I'll be back"
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Lee in S.C. on September 22, 2004, 06:58:00 AM
Sept 19th. It was the first cool evening of this years season here in S.C.  I eased dowm into a hardwood bottom where I have a loc on on a lone loblolly pine overlooking  ditchbank. With all the hurricanes and tropical storms this year the swamp has about six inches of water so the ditch bank is a natural tavel lane. About seven PM I hear them coming, two nice jet black hogs about 150 lbs. One actually brushes my climbing stick as he passes the tree! The lead boar finally gives me a good quartering shot and I drill him. I watch him go down about 50 yds away and give him a while before climbing down. Nice jet black boar, about 150 lbs, small cutters.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: kojac on September 22, 2004, 07:38:00 PM
sept 20th

It's taken me a couple days to get back here. I leve reading all this stuff but boy I HATE to type more than a couple lines.

Anyway back to the hunt

Day 2 of the canoe stand hunt. I set my alarm a little earlier than the previous day but for some reason I twittled around enough that I had to rush so I could reach the canoe before 5am and canoe up river for 45min. and hang my stand but I made it and found the tree I pick the day before and (in the dark) hung my stand.

The wind was a little more from the north than I wanted and I didn't see the number of deer that I saw the day before but I did see 6 or so includingthe shooter buck I was looking for, he's a high 140's to 150 class deer. And he was still out 45 or so yrds with a few small ash trees between me and him but I believe if I would have sat the same stand I sat the day before I would have had a 15yrd or less shot at this boy(bummer).  But as it turned out he got by me with no shot opportunities "YET".

I'm workin' for a few days now but if I see the right wind coming in I will try to get a day off but my next scheduled day of is wed (9-29)

untill then, Good Luck
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Elk song on September 22, 2004, 10:54:00 PM
I just noticed this thread......I'm slow.  Anyway The Elk hunting this year has been awesome. I've called in several bulls and passed them up, even though this is the first year I am hunting with a longbow.  I have taken ALOT of bulls with the wheel bow,  so it is hard to shoot the little ones.  I did call in a big 6x6 on the 7th that winded me before I had any kind of shot.

Today-Sept.22,  I was headed up the valley to get into the Elk, they were screaming!  About half way there a group of bucks wandered past at 40 yards.  Well the wife said it was time to get some meat in the freezer, so even though these were smaller bucks I started movin' in for the shot.   They had fed over the edge of a short drop off down towards a creek bottom.  When I thought I was in the right spot I peaked over the edge and spotted a small forky about 18 yards away.  I nocked an arrow, rose up over the edge as I drew my bow and shot him right through the middle.  As he dashed off out of sight I wasn't sure what to think of the shot, but it seemed a bit far back.

I decided to leave him for awhile, so I headed up towards the screamin' bulls.  I moved in on a bull that sounded like he might be a good one, but was cut off by a medium sized 5x5.  Again I though about my wife and that empty freezer.  I decided that if he gave me a shot I would try for him.  We played a little cat and mouse for around 10 minutes before he wanted to get a whiff of the cows he couldn't see.  As he moved to circle me I was able to move into a spot that would give me a shot if he kept his course.  Well he did eveything right!  I must have been looking at his eyes,  because when he stopped, I drew, he looked right at me and I smoked one right past his head! WOW! I haven't missed an Elk in a lllooonnnggg time,  and it was a bad miss!  Well after that the herd bull had moved off and I wanted to find the deer.

Back at the creek bottom there was not much blood.  There were a few tracks though so I started following what sign I could find.  As I came around a stand of willows there he was. Still alive.  I snapped another arrow on the string just as he was standing to leave and snap shot at ten yards.  He only went another 50 yards.  I was pretty excited, this was my first big game animal with the longbow.  A bow I traded from Kojac(thanks!).  Hopfully the picture will turn out and I can post them on the site.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make good on the ELK.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Roughcountry on September 22, 2004, 11:02:00 PM
Wend. night the 22nd.
Couldn't go to the hills tonight, had to much to do in the shop. So I thought I'd look for a deer down here in the wheat feilds. Any deer is legal down here. Anyhow I rode my trusty Mt bike down the canyon to see what was stirring. Nothing on the way down but on the way home I spot a couple deer just below the house.
 I check the wind and grab gear and start my stalk. I get across the draw and start down the other side with the wind perfect. It's pretty hard to stay queit in these weeds but things are workin good. They are over the bank in the ditch so it's a blind stalk.
  When I get fifty yards from where I last seen them I slow down and go real slow. Finally I'm on the bank just above where I figure they are. Visions of being adopted by the lion family for such a good stalk are playin in my pea brain. I ease up where I can see, arrow nocked and ready.  It's real queit and I can't spot them. Then I see a bush moving thirty yards down the draw. Thru the bino's I can see a ear flapin.
I back up and slip down the draw till I'm even.
  Ever so slowly I ease up to the edge. Can't see anything yet. Then about forty feet down the draw I see a doe & fawn walking along feeding. I'm looking at them and turning to go when 8 yds away a big ol dry doe blows out of the very bush I'd seen the ear in.   :knothead:   I thought there were only two.They trot off about sixty yards and stand lookin back at the thing that ruined their dinner. I have to sit there awhile and watch them move off. No salvage for this one.
  If the Mt. Lion family will save those adoption papers awhile there's a few huntin days left   :o
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: kojac on September 23, 2004, 01:39:00 PM
elk song
Great job, I believe you also put some turkey on the table with that bow this year, did you not?

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: shortshot on September 23, 2004, 10:24:00 PM
I went scoutin on my 4 wheeler laborday weekend, hit a stump hidden in the grass, and now Im laid up with a blown up knee waitin for surgery. But as soon as I can Im gonna limp into the woods set up a ground blind and get a picture of somthin I killed even if its a squirrel. LOL! You know it really sucks but atleast I can hunt vicariously through all of you guys I really enjoy all of your posts and pictures and I allmost feel like Im there. If you TBG guys dont mind I would still like to go on some of the hunts with yall, even if Ill be stuck in camp.
                      Your bud Miles
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Elk song on September 23, 2004, 11:56:00 PM
 Yes I did stick a really nice tom with the bow also.  It is a sweet son-of-a-gun!

I went out today and the Elk were really talkin'.  I tried the same herd bull today,  this time I was not intercepted by any little bulls.  The old boy wouldn't fight though,  every time I closed the gap he would round up the ladies and run.  So tomorrow I let him do the talkin, and I will just have to get sneaky on him.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Chippy on September 24, 2004, 10:49:00 AM
Dateline... thursday evening... last day of AZ's early archery deer season... sitting over a waterhole in a treestand... a spike coues whitetail comes past at 15yds. Ohhh was I tempted, but no. AZ has a 1 deer per year limit and I have a muzzleloader/archery tag in my pocket for late Oct/early nov. Uh,Uh. let him grow, I want his daddy.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Pete W on September 24, 2004, 11:44:00 AM
Went out for deer or moose yesterday afternoon/evening.The leaves are falling now and stalking is nearly impossible from all the noise.I sat till dark at a regular place but nothing was moving.The wind was near clam and changing direction every 5 minutes.
Today might be better, but we will have to wait till the afternoon to find out.

It doesn't make sense how a moose can move silently thru the bush and  a Squirrel makes so much noise.LOL
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Hooked on September 25, 2004, 07:13:00 PM
Our season doesnt open til next friday, so sending this back to the top so maybe we can read somemore stories.  Helps me scratch the itch til next friday.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: JC on September 25, 2004, 09:32:00 PM
Sat a stand this morning that I haven't hunted since before Ivan rolled through because you have to wade the river to get there. Water obviously had come up very high into the river bottom, depositing about 4 inches of sand in a swath 50yds from the river, where before there was none.  Nothing seen this morning but kept hearing movement and racket 150 yards downstream. Came down around 11 an did a quick scout and found no tracks upstream of my stand (week and a half since the water receeded) were previously there was plenty of sign.

So downstream I go and lo and behold, find where the deer have been having themselves a beach party! Moved the stand and sat there this afternoon, with high expectations.  Bout 7pm this little forkie comes walking down the trail and stops bout 12-15 yards away munching on muscadines for what felt like 10 minutes.  Sadly, on the public land I'm hunting, it's 4pts or better on one side to be a shooter buck. I coulda killed em 4 or 5 times...kept waiting and hopin a fat doe was somewher around.  He sauntered off round dark.

Man it sure was good to be in killin range of's been a hard season fer me so far with many hours in the stand in well scouted and proven spots and only seen two deer before this one.  Hopefully it's only a matter of time now....I was beginnin to think I'd fergot how to do this!  :bigsmyl:  

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Charlie Lamb on September 25, 2004, 09:57:00 PM
Got out mid day today and moved a stand I had in last year.
Will go in tomorrow a.m. and see what's piddlin around.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Doug Campbell on September 25, 2004, 11:56:00 PM
Too Hot today!! The elk were talkin but I'd hate to kill one down in that hole thier in. Think I'd get heat stroke gettin him out. Did have a little raggy 5X6 come by at 6feet then stop to graze quartering away at 12 steps, young and dumb. Guess I'd still thump the big boy if'n he does something stupid. Maybe tomorrow.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Terry Green on September 26, 2004, 08:22:00 AM
25th....Day of the Squirrels.  We seen a ton....but no bears.  Too much food on the ground, and could not believe we didn't see a bear as much as we walked.

Here's a photo I took about 4 miles into the Cohutta Wilderness 1000 feet over Jack's River.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Tracy McQueen on September 26, 2004, 10:03:00 PM

No deer seen today, but did run into a flock of about 15 wild turkeys. I'll be looking for them again in a few weeks  ;)  

Man I don't think I have EVER seen as many squirrels as I have this year! Terry has been seeing a lotas well it seems, how is it where you guys are?
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Doug in MN on September 26, 2004, 10:04:00 PM
Sept 26, It has been hot here in Mn went out early saw a few does and one dandy buck just no shot opportunity they never got closer than 45-50 yards. Hung the stand in the wrong spot[again]oh well. It has been a crap shot on stand location there are acorns everywhere, the most I have seen here in years. Was out of the woods by 11:00AM got tired of being used to feed the local bug population. By the way Tarzzzz that is some beautiful country.
Doug D
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: John Scifres on September 26, 2004, 10:12:00 PM

It's darn scary how many squirrels are about this year.  The ones in my yard are a nuisance.  Cured one yesterday though.  It's like "The Birds".
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Roughcountry on September 26, 2004, 10:52:00 PM
Today was the last day of the Oregon archery season. There's a few special hunts later but you need to draw them.
Anyhow I talked my bride into going up with me about late morning. Figured I'd hike out on a Mt. I hadn't gone out on for about three years. I was hopin to get Cindy a shot at a big ol blue grouse on the ridge goin out or on the trail around the top. No grouse but we did find a good elk wallow and a lot of fresh sign. I'll get some pics up on Littlefeathers thread as soon as photobucket fixes their site.
It was a great day in the hills and a good end to the season.  :)   We can hunt grouse a few more months. So I'll get my bride out somemore. Those tags taste better if you put them in the dutch oven with a bird or somethin.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Woodduck on September 27, 2004, 01:56:00 AM
Finally got an afternoon with no hurricane in details at 'Highlights 2004'
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Woodduck on September 27, 2004, 01:58:00 AM
and daughter from college was home to congratulate me...  (
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: RayMO on September 27, 2004, 08:03:00 AM
Congradulations woodduck! Let me see...who is the easiest to look at woodduck or his daughter...I vote for his contest!  :D  

I had quit a hunt last night. It is a rather long story. Two does, one was right behind me and I didn't even know she was there. The squirrels were making such a racket all afternoon. I see the other doe off to my left, stand up for a shot and the one that was behind me flags and runs to the other doe. Boy did I feel stupid.  :scared:   Then she come in even closer. This deer really wanted an arrow. Unfortunately she never gives me another good shot.

Obviously, I need to work on shots taken over the back side of my lone wolf.  ;)   I have taken many shots from this stand and never had this problem before, but then I was never in this position.

Anyway, my composure will be much better next time (Lord willing) and I won't make that mistake again (I hope   :D  ). Still learning.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Littlefeather on September 28, 2004, 07:45:00 AM
9-27... Had a fantastic hunt today. No game seen other than the hundreds of Cardinals that seem to come out of the woodwork this time of the year. Its one week till deer season here and its still in the 90's during the day. Deer Season? Kinda warm and nothing really active yet. The pigs have showed back up at the house in small numbers and in no real routine. Im glad to see them back again. I'll be in pursuit of them till I figure out the routine or they drive me crazy. Happy hunting. CK
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: gatorarchr on September 28, 2004, 01:25:00 PM
I (Donnie)Went to Ga. last weekend with two friends (Rick and Roger) to hunt on another friend's (Donny) land.  All 4 of us were using primitive bows and arrows, 2 using steel points and 2 (Donnie and Donny) using stone. The first afternoon Donny shot and hit a 6 point that happened to come by my stand limping, I shot it to make sure we had a good blood trail.  When we found the deer, he had hit it in the lower leg and I connected on both lungs.  The second afternoon Rick had a very close encounter with a doe and yearling, but was never able to get off a shot. Not bad for our first weekend of hunting.
good luck,
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Doug Campbell on September 28, 2004, 02:12:00 PM
Well the past couple days, 27th and 28th, have been a blast but the wind just keeps hammering me. lots of close calls but no shots.

Saw thirteen different wolves and five different bears last week. The compitition amoungst us preditors is getting a little stiff up here   :mad:   Taking a few days off to take my better half away so will be back after em when we get back. Bear season will be open then  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: on September 28, 2004, 03:23:00 PM
Sept. 25, 2004
7 yd. shot
recovered less than 90 yds.
12 pt. buck
first deer ever!
planning to send story to ATHA
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Hooked on September 30, 2004, 02:50:00 AM
b. glass,
congrats!  Lets see some picks!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Littlefeather on October 01, 2004, 09:04:00 PM
Ever notice how long it takes to build confidence but what a short trip it can be back to humility?

Thats right, I missed again.........

Uggg, I sat quite patiently for almost 15 minutes as I watched MaMa Sow and two 40# pigs feed. I also noted the tree I'd failed to trim nice and neat. In addition, I even thought about how the little branches wouldn't be visible after the light got much dimmer. Id committed to getting the Sow to quarter because she was quite large.

As she quarters, I draw smootly and release. It was over till the Ash shaft changed directions at the same time as the hogs left the State. I forgot about the little branches in the faiding twilight.

 Ahhh, The reason I love this so much is the strain on all the emotions. I cannot imagine the successes without the failures either. At least it was a Sow and not the 190 class Buck Im working toward. Yea, Right! CK
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Timo on October 01, 2004, 09:31:00 PM
Finally got into the woods today. No not hunting, but scouting and setting stands.

Found out that we have a lot more acorns than I first thought,and that the deer are slammin um down!

Found a little water hole full of tracks.Muddy beyond belief. Followed muddy tracks up through the leaves about 40 yds to a huge chinkapin. matted grass, and raisins everywere.

Got some stands set!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: insttech1 on October 01, 2004, 11:29:00 PM
Got out kinda late for the opener (had a field trip with my daughter all day...) but...

I jumped a deer 100 yards from the truck, 12 yards off the road...scared the crap outta me...oh well...

Make my way towards where I wanna hunt, go 25 yards off the trail...and jump two more that were standing watchin' me in plain darn sight...I just wasn't ready for them to be that close to the trai (this is public land, and a state park, with hiking trails...)  They were close enough to the campground that even I could smell the campground!!

Oh well, so much for them...

Get to where I want to sit for the evening spot, on a known route to water...and jump another deer comin' down to water WAY early...this one also was within 25 yards, and I wasn't ready...

Then watched 4 more 300 yards away across a bowl as they fed in and out of private property...

But hey, I was able to confirm that the deer are where they were last year (didn't scout much, can ya tell????), I was able to get within 25 yards without freakin' em out too much, so I had to be kinda quiet, at least...

The acorns are fallin' here like crazy too...that's pretty cool!  And I was able to see eight deer in less than 2 hours, which is pretty good for this area of public land...

Looks like the start of a good year to me!  Now I just gotta figure out how to get a stand along their travel route to the local lakes (bad area for swirling winds on edge of a bowl), and I'll be almost golden...LOL  yea, right...!!

Take Care,
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Littlefeather on October 02, 2004, 12:35:00 PM
Insult to injury! Thats the way this mornings deer opener has been for me. Two and a half hours in a tree was quite enough without seeing anything.

I thought Id take the long way back to the house still hunting as I went. I was about a half mile into the walk when 10 feet in front of me two hogs bust out of the brush in opposite directions. Once I gathered myself I realized that they were now looking for each other so I crept forward to put myself in between them. Boy, It got interesting for the next few minutes. I had one in at ten yards but could only see the top of his back before he moved off.

I slowly moved forward about 40 yards and again I found them lying down but without a shot opportunity. Well this went on for an hour or so. Id catch up to them then they would bust and run. I've never seen them do this. Well, about the seventh time they ran they must have dead ended into a pond. As I sat and pondered which direction they'd gone, I heard a grunt. Surely they wouldn't have been so stupid to trap themselves at the pond. About then seven or eight 100 pound hogs comes over the pond levey and is on a collision course with me. As I raise my bow they change direction and stop at 10 yards. THWACK! One Wensel Woodsman directly through the shoulder bone. Broke the shoulder! The shot was a little forward but he was hit hard and left good blood.

 Well, There was good blood for about 5 minutes then a torrential downpour started. I've been walking in circles in the rain for two hours and still no pig. Im sick! The rain is still comming down and Im sitting here in the house pouting. Not much I can do till the rain stops. I guess I can still hope but things sure look gloomy. CK
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: hunt it on October 02, 2004, 01:30:00 PM
Hope you find that hog Curtis, good luck. I just returned from 14 days moose hunting. There were three of us hunting, had a great trip. We shot two bulls, one on the first night and the second one on the last morning. Alot of work for three guys but it was a great hunt. One young bull 2 1/2 yrs and a 4 1/2 yrs with a 42" rack. Both bulls were called in and shot from tree stands first one shot at 20 yrds second one at 27 yrds. Both shot by good friend that has been hunting moose with us for seven years now and this was his first and second moose. Some guys have all the luck. I had no chances this year, however I saw both kills and called in the big bull. Great hunt and will try to post some pictures when they are ready.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Littlefeather on October 02, 2004, 06:43:00 PM
5 Hours of aimless searching in the on and off rain has me frazzled. The brush is just too thick and with the rain there has been no sign to even help me. I even came back to get the dogs. They were of no help. Too much rain.

Im calling it an evening. I sure do hate the Lows in this sport. Sometime it happens. CK
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Roughcountry on October 02, 2004, 08:20:00 PM
Curtis, Thats to bad. Don't be to hard on yourself, You gave it a great try. I was kinda down over the same thing one time and the game bio that lived in the neibouring place told me not to worry. He said nothing goe's to waste in the outdoors. As long as you give it your best shot at finding it your all right, you just feed all the other kritters instead of your family. It's another day tomorrow, and the huntin gods will be in a better mood  :)
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Charlie Lamb on October 02, 2004, 09:48:00 PM
Went out this evening for a short sit. There's a cold front moving in and I figured the deer would be moving.
Well, I did see three in a field along the road in. When I got to my property I was heading up the trail road when I spotted movement ahead about 50 yards.
Just weed tops shaking at first then a small rack appeared above the brush.
I just had time to step to the side of the trail and freeze before he stepped out in the trail.
Pretty cool! He turned my way for a few yards, then continued off into the brush on the other side.
The rest of the evening was very quiet, and no more deer seen.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Hooked on October 03, 2004, 11:50:00 AM
Ever have this dream (nightmare)....

Excited about opening day, I got up early and was out the door in record time.  Cold Front is coming in so there are supposed to be scattered thunderstorms starting in the morning and then all day.  My plan is to hunt until they hit.

Get to the property and load up with my gear:  strap on the fanny pack, throw my Lone Wolf Hang On on my back, and grab a rain coat just in case.

First thing I notice is how bright the moon is tonight.  Good news is flashlight is definitely not needed, bad news is my experience on this property is that the deer will not be moving during daylight because they have been up all night feeding with the near full moon.  Being optimistic, I tell myself that the approaching cold front will get them moving.

The Soy beans are already cut, so I head straight across the cut bean field to the treeline where my stand is located.  Wind is out of the South ( I am walking stratight into the wind).  The bucks tend to walk the North edge of the timber with a South wind so I am setting up in a tree there.

Get to my tree.  Immediately look for my rope for pulling my bow up.  Found it, now looking for my bow to tie it to.  UH OH!  Suddenly I feel a sense of Deja Vu!  I am living that dream where you get to your stand and your bow is back in your vehicle!  AW SH_T!  (Pardon my french!)

With no time to waste, I hang my stand quick as I can and head back to the car.  I did get back to my tree before sunrise, but with alot more exercise and prespiration than anticipated.

Hope this isnt an indication of how the season is going to go!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: John Scifres on October 03, 2004, 03:44:00 PM
A day in the woods - October 2, 2004 - Parke County Farm.  Nothing showed early until a squirrel and I played tag for a while.

  ( Shot 1

  ( Shot 2

  ( Shot 3

The rest of the morning was uneventful.
I moved my stand and had 2 deer walk right under it at 3:00 pm.  Only problem was I wasn't in it.  I had decided to take a siesta downwind about 100 yards from my stand before climbing in for the evening hunt.  I had both deer within 10 yards of me but neither offered a shot.  Of course I was taking a sip of coffee when the first one showed up so she nailed me.  The second saw me walking up to get in my stand but never busted me.  Never offered a shot either.

1 hour after getting in my stand I had a doe just about step into my shooting lane before looking up, right into my eyes, she swapped ends and blew out of there before I thought she could have processed what I was.  She must have seen a treestand before.  15 minutes later a doe and her grown fawn came in but mama scoped it out for baby and walked on the wrong trail where I had no shot.  She got downwind and left but never spooked.  It was a fun day in the woods and I got some squirrel meat simmering in the crack pot as I type this  :)
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: insttech1 on October 03, 2004, 08:57:00 PM
Took my 6-year-old boy with tonight; put us on the ground behind a tiny camo screen, so they wouldn't see 'im fidgetin' much...

Watched a doe comin' in about 70 yards out.  It was clear she wasn't comin' at us...oh least he got to see her--cool!

Half our after that--I hear 'em comin'--but IT'S A HORSE!!  This thing is off the trails on public land, rider in an orange vest, and goes crashin' off into private property, breakin' trees that sound 3" thick...

He was 12 yards from us, and to my knowledge, had no clue we were there...

Never seen him there before; never saw a horse trailer, either.  Suspect he came from private property, hopefully just out for a ride.  I hate to think that he was there to push deer, which is exactly the route he'd need to take to push 'em from the state land to the adjacent private parcel...then 20 minutes later, he comes back out onto state land and rides outta sight...

If I see 'im again, I'll talk to the DNR.  If he's on the trails, it's his land too.  If he's off, I think that's a no-no.  Not sure if that applies to a horse, but it does to the mountain-bikes.

Then we saw three more as we drove out, one at 8 yards--the boy was happy with that!  

So no shots, but a great time was had...

Take Care,
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: SilverTip on October 04, 2004, 07:48:00 AM
been out 3 times this year, i've seen over 30 does. been huntin this one real nice buck for the past 2 years. but after what i've seen i'll just be taking does this year. the buck -doe ratio is way outta wack in my area. all the does i've seen have been on a 40 acre lot.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Bulletman on October 04, 2004, 10:10:00 PM
Got out on Saturday morning, cool here, just a hint of frost. Sat for an hour or so (hunting a buddy's land & his ladder stand). I look up and from upwind two does coming, the lead one walked right to me, but at four yards she's head-on with her nose to the ground sucking up acorns. I personally won't take this shot so I'm waiting on her to turn,,,,,,,,,,and she looks up at me and knows something ain't right. She trots away and stops broadside just out of my comfort range, then fees away. Maybe next time.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: cajunbowhntr on October 05, 2004, 04:06:00 PM
Just got back fron the woods.It's been tuff readin all these huntin reports and havin to work opening weekend.Monday morning found me sitting in a narrow strip of hardwoods between two big cutovers.There is a bottom that connects both cutovers and I was on a finger ridge that looks straight into the bottom.Any deer traveling the bottom would have two walk by my stand.There are also some large water oaks just starting to drop acorns.About 7:00 I hear what sounds like a D8 caterpillar coming thru the woods.I look to my right and see hogzilla! He's feeding around the base of my finger headin straight for me.I'm no hog expert but this dude looked to be at least 150-175#'s.When he gets broadside at 13 yds I draw anchor and release.The hog takes off at warp speed for the cutover.Now I have been telling myself if I see a hog to shoot low and behind the shoulder tight.But at the moment of truth 20 years of pickin a spot midway behind the shoulder took over.I hit him about 2-3 inches above dead center.A good shot with a steep downward angle for a deer but not on a hog.I gave him 2 1/2 hours and went looking.With a high entry wound and no exit there was no blood.!00 yds in i found the fletch end of the arrow.By the looks of it I only got 7-8"'s of penetration,not good.I followed his trail into the thicket on my hands and knees when it occured to me that I'm trailin a wounded boar with only a folding pocket knife.Ain't no way I'm shooting a bow in this thick stuff if he decides to stomp me.No trees to climb.I went another 200 yds outta stupidity and headed back out.I went and checked an old skid road several hundred yards into the cutover and found no sign.I'm perplexed as to why I got so little penetration.Maybe I caught the top of the shoulder,but I did'nt hear a loud whack.I'm shootin a big simmons head which may be too much broadhead for my setup.Monday evening did'nt see a hair.Front was coming thru with wind blowing from every direction.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: cajunbowhntr on October 05, 2004, 04:17:00 PM
This mornin I took a stand in a oak riverbottom flat between a monster cutover and the largest set of hardwoos for miles on the private property next to us.There is also a food plot next to the transition into the hardwoods.About 7:30 I hear a loud growl followed by grunting and squealing.Sounded like my honeymoon night   :knothead:   The windage was right just didnt bear down and pick a spot.It happened too quick.This is the first time I've seen ahog on stand.We've seen sign and trapped a few but have never seen em in these numbers.The rest of the morning was uneventful.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Terry Green on October 05, 2004, 04:43:00 PM
JC and I set out for a Cohutta adventure Friday afternoon.

Friday it was stone cold animals moved at all....only the Kaddi Didds buzzing.

Saturday we got a great start, heading off the Mountian at 1st shooting light.  Found lots of well used game trails, and lots of fresh hog sign.

Had lunch at about 10:30 on the top of a knowl, and about 100 yards from there on an uphill lead off the knowl we found more than a half a dozen piles of bear scat all within spitting distance of one another....looking better.

Got to another top, and turned left down a moderately steep lead....more bear scat.  We then sat down to re-group and check the map to see if we had an idea where we were.  This was 11:20.

As JC and I glassed across the hollow to the bank of another lead, I paused to get the map out......

"There's a bear right there" I said in a heavy wisper.  JC said nothing, still looking into oblivion across the hollow.  "There's BEARS right there" I said again....still nothing from JC as he gaized 150-200 yards.  "RIGHT THERE"...then JC couldn't help but see a cub ran up a tree 30 yards in front of us...yep, and mom was coming straight up the lead to us.

The bow was no good, neither were leagal to shoot, so I checked my boot knife, and told JC to get my camera out of my pack.  I took a couple of photos, but they didn't turn out as good as what I could have gotten 5 to 10 seconds earlier.

Anyhow, the cub slid down, and rambled broadside over to mom....and mom had either heard enough wispering, camera clicks, or smelled enough....and she gathered em up and went back the way the came.  JC said he saw two cubs, but I only saw one....I was too busy trying to get a decent pic of Mom that I just didn't see the other little one.

We then found a really nice saddle, that has definately been used, with lots of wild grape vines as well as a couple of scattered oaks.  We set up here for the was big enough for us to both set up on, one on each end.

Heard a few 'wild' sounds, and 'imagined' bears were making some of the noises we heard....but we saw nothing but the images of earlier replaying over and over in our minds.

It took us an hour and 45 minutes to walk out......we was in the Big's a few photos......

View of the Cohuttas.....


JC surveying the dark laurel bottom below....


Mama Bear...and back end of one of the cubs...

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: frankwright on October 05, 2004, 11:00:00 PM
My fifth day of hunting and I have not seen a single deer yet. Am I snakebit or what?
This morning it was calm and cool, about 60 degrees. A floating wisp of cotton ball blows behind my little hang on stand telling me the wind is right, at least for now. I sit staring at the jungle of vines and saplings that fill this creek bottom I am watching. I can see two fresh rubbed trees from my stand. Finally, I see front legs, about 35 yards in front of me, I can tell it is a deer but not what kind or how big and frankly right now I don't care. The deer disapears in the thicket and then I see it moving to my left. It's a buck! Nice thick antlers but not many of them. It looks like a big four point but I am not sure. He stops for a second, at about 24 paces (stepped it off later) and then starts to turn to move away. I stand up, come to full draw and proceed to forget everything I have ever known about shooting a longbow. A total and complete brain fart. I shoot one inch under his belly. He is not happy as he jumps straight up, spins and runs off. I hear him stomping the ground, somewhere out of sight. I am sick but I will take a miss rather than a bad shot. I did not pick a spot, I did not push with my bow hand, I did not do anything I know how to do. Why do animals make us act like fools. Oh well. I at least saw a deer, maybe my luck is changing.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: JC on October 06, 2004, 09:18:00 AM
Terry and I did have a great hunt, them Cohutta's shore are purdy. Dang, it was early Terry, I don't remember that bottom bein that dark.  That was about an hour after we left camp Sat mornin!

I was locked on this hillside across a hollow when Terry was tellin me "Bears".  So I strain my eyeballs a little more.  "Bears...right there!"  I'm still lookin....."NO BEARS...RIGHT THERE." Then I look at him bewildered and he's lookin down the same ridge we're on, bout 30 yards.  All of a sudden this cub runs 35ft up a tree like a monkey goin up a ladder, I mean lickety split.  Then I see the ma...Now terry may have checked his knife...I don't know,  I was too busy nocking an arra.  He said "they aint' legal"....I think I asked him "you shore?" ten times before I got the hint. Very cool, worth the whole trip.

We saw sign on top of sign in this one spot...I mean looked like the aftermath of a bear convention. And some spots that the hogs had plowed big enough fer a food plot.

Walk back was rough, my asthma kicked in some bout midway back as the night air chilled quick and Terry slowed/stopped quite a bit for me.  We left our huntin area bout 7:45....back at the trucks at 9:30.  Terry's dead reckonin was real accurate, but thank God fer GPS, compass, and led headlamps brudda. Rule #1, GPS don't lie.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Terry Green on October 07, 2004, 11:00:00 AM
Gonna re-post a couple of a new program I am trying to learn......


Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Charlie Lamb on October 08, 2004, 09:48:00 AM
Well, it's been an interesting few days here in Missouri.
Been hunting from the ground in different areas getting a feel for things and just waiting for the weather to break so I really feel like getting serious.
The weather did break and turned off nice and cool, which stirred up some of the old predator feelings.
Haven't seen much, just building an information base so far. Of course there was yesterday! Isn't it funny how things seem to escalate as the season rolls along.
I'd been disappointed that a bottom corn field hadn't been picked yet and the adjoining woods were empty for the most part. I knew the deer were in that corn.
I took my tree seat and set it up along a trail that parallels the creek which separates the woods from the corn. A small bluff is there too, so I was on top of the bluff.
Well, guess who decided that it was time to pick the corn. I was in bliss with thoughts of giant whitetails crawling all over me.
I saw nothing until a half hour before sunset. The picker had just come even with my position and was making it's usual racket.
Through a gap in the brush I could just see the creek below and it's normal smooth surface was rippling.
Craning my neck to see, I spotted a little forky that I'd seen before. Not much to look at, but a deer no less.
He must have been pretty thirsty, because he walked around in circles for several minutes sucking up water.
Finally a truck came down the road between the corn field and creek. That was a little much for the  buck and he jumped into the brush on my side and started up the hill.
I'd picked my way into my spot figuring the least impact and least likely way for  deer to stumble on my trail. Go figure!
He was gonna cross that trail if he kept coming. (I wasn't planning on shooting him anyway)
The buck was about 12 feet away when he finally crossed my trail and bounded away. Some fun!!

Today I'm off to Springfield, Mo. to hunt the weekend with the Kinslow boys on their farm and when I get back Monday, I'll turn around and go off to north central Mo. for a few days with an old hunting bud. He's a character!
He uses his "lighted" sight pin on a recurve that I made him. (a match stick taped to the riser) Makes it work too!

See you all later.      :wavey:
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: tim-flood on October 11, 2004, 04:03:00 PM
what is a chinkapin????
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Timo on October 11, 2004, 04:17:00 PM
Tim, it's a species of Oak tree.(white oak sub)

Has a oval type leaf,with a saw tooth edge.Drops a small diameter acorn,very dark in color,and sometimes elongated.Deer and turks love them.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Ralph Renfro on October 11, 2004, 09:23:00 PM
It's been kinda slow around here for deer. However, I have about 200 turkeys roosting on my place. As of 8:30 yesterday morning there is one less. Something bout a rivercane arrow, tipped with a sharp Magnus, out of a 3 Okies Archery BBO.  ([/IMG]
Did I mention it was so foggy I had to hit something.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: insttech1 on October 12, 2004, 10:33:00 PM
Copied this from the thread I posted, but I thought it would apply here, too.  


Hey All!!

OK, here it is:  First trad deer, and second shot at a deer with a bow.  First shot missed on Saturday evening...  Took a few with the rifle, but this one happened just right!


I finally got one, on public land, ten yards, on the ground...

I hit him forward of the front shoulder, went into the off shoulder, and the broadhead/insert came out of the carbon shaft.  He took it with him, and it tore the opposite shoulder up--bad!

He went 100 yards, with little blood, and the arrow dropped out 20 yards from where I hit 'im...

Here's the bow spec':
Roberston Montana Falcon, 62" 58@30", 31" Carbon Express Terminator Hunter Select 45/60, 125-grain Wensel Woodsman, shaft weights about 530-ish...

I was sitting in a tiny makeshift groundblind (I carry about a 5x2' piece of camo with me), I found a new spot that looked really good, spooked some does on the way in, and sat down for an hour...

I watched him run into a little bowl, and could hear him feeding for 40 minutes as he walked my way...

He came into the berry patch near me, stopped broadside at ten yards, glanced at me as I drew, and I watched the white fletch headin' right where it should--turned out it was forward of the leg bone, but all was well...

There was almost NO blood whatsoever...just tiny drops, but they looked like lung blood.  We surmised (I went to get my trad mentor-buddy) that I hit the off-shoulder, since we found the shaft with no head, and 6" of blood on it only.

The woodsman head was OK, but the adapter and the insert itself were bent as he tore off on his last hundred-yard dash...

I was thinkin' about Barb earlier last night, too...gotta go launch one for her now.

You all take care!!  And thanks for all the help over the last year and a half that lead to this!!

See Ya!!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: so tx pighunter on October 12, 2004, 10:46:00 PM
O.k. I figured its about time I post something on my hunts. Especially since I am pretty shook up on this one. My son and I actually went out to fill feeders today and to pick up a ground blind that I had set out. Upon arrival at the ranch we right off saw a big boar under one of the feeders so I figured that the animals would be on the move and boy was I really going to find out how much they would be. We went to another field and saw another thirty hogs tearing up the local farmers round bales of hay. I quickly backed out in hopes of ambushing them on the game trail that they used so willingly. They never did show and we continued onto the feeders in order to fill them. I told my son to stay in the truck because there were snakes around. It seems  my little scare tactic was getting ready to turn into a reality very quickly. I got to the feeder with corn bag in tow and went to retrieve the chair so that I may use it for a step, well about a foot or so from the opening of my blind I was about to push through I was stopped in mid stride by a very large and loud rattler who was none to happy at me disturbing him while he was on his evening hunt for rats who were readily eating all of my corn. Well I had one foot in the air and the other in a forward motion so I had no choice but tovault up and twist in the air and as I did so Mr. No Shoulders decided to give me a toooo close for comfort miss strike at my leg. I landed and in the process turned my ankle in a very unnatural direction, I thought now you have done it you went and at the very least twisted your ankle out and you have a very P.O. rattler way too close to you. I tested my weight and found that I could move pretty well( I think it was because I was highly motivated ), I finally made it back to the truck only to find that my snake charmer was buried under about 30 pounds of bowhunting gear and I didnt want that sucker to get away and be a threat later. Si I grabbed my little Super Black Bear and two new used arras that I just recieved today from Ric Oshay (THANK YOU LOTS DANNY they shoot great and are allll bloodied up now) and proceeded to get alittle payback. I got back and at first couldn't see him in the grass but soon saw his head in the strike postion. My first shot was a hair low and my second shot a hair to the left and then he proceeds to try and scoot around a cactus cluster so I try to retrieve my first arra only to find that it is buried about ten inches into the core of a cactus rootI then grab the second one and was relieved when it pulled cleanly and I got another shot at that darn snake at about five yards. Well all I could see was his head and about three inches of his nesk so I pick a spot and let'er rip and ya know what third times a charm but that old snake still has plenty o life in him so I go back and pull the othe r arra free only to find that the B.H. is missin so I say what the H### I am gonna shoot him any way so I send arra number two into his ugly head. Well Im not ashamed to say that I am shook by now and the adrenaline hits me hard. So hard that I put in half a bag of corn into the feeder and say forget it. I use the empty bag and put the snake in it and head for home. I never did see them hogs again but rest assured they will be there. I did see some turkeys so another option has just opened up. Mind you I will not be going back into the woods without my snake boots (I just remembered why I bought them again) and I really will not be as laxed as I have been. The snake is now in my freezer with the other ones that I killed with my bow and hopefully they will be backing my sons Osage selfbow as a reminder that sometimes daddy needs to take his own advice.     :readit:    :bigsmyl: .

Peace and walk the way of the hunter.
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Ralph Conrad on October 13, 2004, 11:10:00 AM
I've been hunting with a different bow this year and decided to use a steel broadhead for a while.  I've let several small bucks walk over the past week and finally decided to shoot a doe last night.  Pass through double lung shot from 18 yards.  She ran all of 20 yds and piled up.  The toughest thing was the drag out to the truck.  Should eat real good.  Ralph
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Timo on October 13, 2004, 09:40:00 PM
Nice going Ralph! Marty called a told me all about it last night.

Probly be some good "no stress meat"?
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: cajunbowhntr on October 14, 2004, 10:12:00 AM
Wen't out yesterday morning and did'nt see a hair.Tons of hog sign,very little deer sign.So I put on my walking boots and covered some ground.The white oaks are just startring to drop.It looks like it's gonna be a tuff year because most of the whiteoaks are producing good.Lots of green acorns on the ground from last weekends weather.With no really hot sign around any particular whiteoaks,I went at looked at some of our funnels or travel corridors.Found some decent sign,but a WSW wind is the worst wind the way our property is set up.After a lot of debating I decided to sit in a little clover patch between a thicket and some hardwoods.Lots of sign and it has produced deer before.On the way in walking an old skid road something catches my eye off to the left,what the heck is that.It's 2 snakes making out,copperheads! The only problem is I'm in semi ferret mode and only packing 3 arras.Don't wanna dull em up before the hunt.Now I know why you fellas carry a back quiver and 20 arras.Of course I also left the digital camera at home.I proceded to try and find a snake whacking stick,but could'nt find a good one.So I headed back to the truck for the pistole.These snakes were not real big and would be borderline for bow backing but they was hanging out were some of the yutes like to tree rat hunt.They needed to be taken out.Now you ever try and shoot a snake in the head who's bobbing and weaving like muhammed ali?Blam,Blam,Damn! two misses.Now these two ain't even checked up.Talk about commitment.Must be true love.I try and find another snake whacking device to seperate em so I can get a decent shot and not mess up any skin.I found a half ass one and whackwed away,they still would'nt give it up.Finally romeo gets the message and they split up.I guess romeo figured the jealous ex husband was home because he decided to hall tale otta there.Blam,He's down,good head shot .The other snake is obviously pi$$ed about the snakeitous interuptous and decided to beline for me.Or maybe I was just in the escape rout.When I looked down it was about 6 feet and closing fast.I put a double tap on em and one shot hit em 2 far back and buggered up the skin.So I drug em out to the skid road and left em sit until the walk out.The evening hunt was uneventfull.On the way out I get to where I left the snakes and one of em,the good one is gone.Some vermin stole my vermin!I need to do something and exercise some demons.I have never had this much hard luck this early in bow season.

Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Huntrdfk on October 16, 2004, 08:05:00 PM
I hunt a place a Maine that I pretty much have all to myself.  I've only been there twice this year, and have had ten different deer within five yards of my tree stand.  Problem is, they have all been on the wrong side, and I can't shoot there.  I have my stand set on the edge of oldgrowth white pines, the pines are only about forty yards long by thirty yards wide, and the northwest edge borders a finger of swale grass that leads to a distant clover and alfalfa field.  It has been as close to a prefect setup as I have seen over the years, as the deer ussually work through the pines and come out through the swale grass.  This year they changed, and have been coming out right under my stand.  The pines are very thick, with a lot of old dead limbs in the way.  Anyways, I figured after the last two times of having all these deer come by under my stand, I would throw them a curveball and hunt from the ground, putting the trail they were using between me and the stand. So tonight I setup on the ground, and now they come from behind me. I swear I had one doe so close I could her her breathing and see her eyelashes.  I've shot my share of animals, but I never tire of that rush I get when I have an animal so close.  She was within 4 yards, and had three other deer with her all within ten yards, I thought my heart was going to explode.  She ended up hitting my entry trail and the gig was up, she just stopped and went back the way she came, with the three others in tow. I'm sure all of this only lasted about ten minutes or so, but it felt like forever. What a rush. Now I need to think of a new strategy, this game is not over yet.  

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Post by: Legolas on October 18, 2004, 07:32:00 AM
Been trying out a "Treesuit" and have fallen in love with it. It is so comfortable and when it is time to shoot it affords support and no balance worries. I had to hold in that ready to shoot position but bow not up to draw until a big boy got closer. I could rest my forearm holding the bow over one of the straps and stay there all day. He unfortunately never got into range.
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Post by: SteveMcD on October 19, 2004, 11:50:00 AM
Monday.. was my first day out for the early Archery Season here in Southern New York. Weather was mild and breezy with lot's of sun (you can interpret that as little deer movement!). Seen several does, nothing to shoot or present a shot though. It's early yet.. come the end of the month and the rut starts kicking in! It was great to be out. Hard to believe another year is now here! Autumn is great! It's color! It's weather! It's deer hunting season!
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Post by: Thunder on October 21, 2004, 02:29:00 PM
The past two days, things seem to be....well....changing.  The does patterns have changed, and I'm beginning to see bucks moving.
The picture below is of ol' number's a trailcam pic, but I had him yesterday at 35 yards..dang, just a bit too far !  He was coming from a bedding area that is known for the does, and it was 5 to 8 in the morning.  I've seen/watched this buck for several years..him, and two that are bigger.  I've seen all 3 this year, and I can only hope.......  :D  
I don't have much land, but what I've got is awful nice, albeit mostly transition land, where they never seem to stop, except for the small swamp area.
God Bless.
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Post by: Jimbob on October 22, 2004, 11:19:00 AM
I got the stink on me! Season has been in for 22 days and I have yet to take a shot at a deer. I killed a coyote my first time out, but since then no luck. I had two within 10 yards a couple of days ago, but I was only half way up my tree stand. Last week I had one within 5 yards, but would not stay still long enough for a shot. Please lord send a dumb one my way.
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Post by: cedar swampman on October 22, 2004, 07:44:00 PM
No shot yet but today was a blast! I was getting settled in my treesuit and I hear something in the swamp.I look up and I'll be darn if it wasn't blackie(bear)! He took off and 6 deer came in no shots. On the walk back to the barn a couple of tree rats and a partridge.
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Post by: frankb on October 24, 2004, 02:25:00 AM
After her soccer game was over... I went out with my daughter on her first hunt. She's twelve and her name is Candice. She was doing squirrels... I was doing deer.

After the woods settled down a bit she got tag-team-whooped by two squirrels that must have known it was the very first time she wore a hunting license. They got within five feet of us and then panicked as they realized their proximity. MAN they had fun with her and I can't remember enjoying such a sight! In an instant... she experienced her first dose of buck-squirrel fever and never even took her gun off of SAFE... but the look on her face [after those rascals vacated] was priceless.

As the daylight began to fade... I had her unload and rest the gun at her side while we looked for a deer.

Sure enough between fidgets.... the deer came... and I flat-out  missed.  First shot at a trad deer... and clean missed a nice doe [with closely trailing raghorn] five inches over her back... at about 15 yards.       :rolleyes:        

When I released... the string thwapped my forearm. The deer was looking right at me and it was one of them broadside "Here I am! Shoot me!" shots... like I had done something good this past week to deserve such an opportunity.  

When she heard the string slap my sleeve... she balled up her muscles and ducked that arrow perfectly. My daughter was amazed at the deers reflexes... and I was befuddled.        :confused:      

The doe repositioned herself about twenty yards away on the other side of a thicket to our left... and barked for five minutes until the wind shifted and she took off over the next hill... barkin' all the way until we couldn't hear her... telling the other deer how "safe" it was.      :)    

With the wheelie bow... I would have smoked her.  With the trad set up, however... I was "oh so humbled" and, not to mention, in front of the little one. Nothing wrong with being humbled but... in front of your daughter? For a very long moment it felt as if she "Just found out" I wasn't Superman or something. That was one heck of a slice of pie, I tell ya.  

As I sat there re-thinking the shot a little more than I should have... Candice said with a smile and reassuring brow, "Don't worry dad.  There will be other chances. Maybe she'll come back!"  

Hearing that put things back into perspective, back where they were just a few moments before and I gotta admit... my hunting buddy made me real proud at that very moment. Sometimes it takes a twelve year old...

I have some "first hunt" pics to last a lifetime. Just the two of us... and every one is a trophy.

I love that child...

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Post by: gap_shooter on October 24, 2004, 02:54:00 PM
Well I went out Sat.morn and sat till 10:30 in the rain,and saw no deer. The plan was to come out of the woods get a bite to eat and go back about 1:30.  Well after all morn in the rain I was spent and went home to dry out.  About 3:00
The skies had cleared and my attitude was better so I went back out again. I moved my climer to a new spot that I have been looking at. Well at 5:50 comming right up behind me down wind is a nice doe, she walks right under my stand and out to mabey 5 yards and starts feeding.I put the arrow right in the boiler.  She went 15 to 20 yard and just layed down. First deer this year,I am Very thankfull!!!!
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Post by: ber643 on October 24, 2004, 09:18:00 PM
Frankb sent me a copy of the story he posted above. I liked it so well I put it on my website as a "Guest" writer story - Nice Job IMO
  Bernie Dunn\\'s Home Page, Journal, Pg6 (
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Post by: Raven on October 24, 2004, 09:48:00 PM
Had a great night, seen 9 deer, 8doe and one 7pt buck. Had a shot at all the deer as they fed under and around me before heading out to a soybean feild. Holding off for Mr. Big that I have now seen 3 different times. He is a BIG 10pt, his rack is out past his ears a good 2in and his tines reach the sky. So I don't whant to shoot any other deer untill I get a good sucker shot at Mr. Big or untill late season, then I will start to worry about getting the frezer full. Our rut should be starting in the next few weeks  :bigsmyl:  Thats when I feel I will get my one chance at takeing the great buck, when he is chaseing or following one of the doe that I have been seeing on each of my hunts. I know where they bed, water, and feed. You can almost set your watch to there movements.............Raven   :thumbsup:
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Post by: Bpaul on October 25, 2004, 12:43:00 AM
Exciting!  Good luck, though it's not sounding like you need luck.

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Post by: Terry Green on October 25, 2004, 09:41:00 AM
This weekend was the game every time out in the woods, but continued my 'luck' of not being able to  drop the string.  Hogs and deer both in range but no shot.  Lots of other hogs just out of range.  Fixin to swear off tree stands!!!
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Post by: Littlefeather on October 25, 2004, 01:17:00 PM
I've not been to the woods for five days now. Spent the weekend on a 4 wheel drive expedition onto the Pardre Island National Seashore. I went to shark fish but somehow still ended up in hunt mode. I took no weapons but still called coyotes right into camp. Id thrown a few baitfish just to the edge of the lantern lights and sat back and watched the little tricksters ease in and take the bait. Lots of fun just watching!

Looks like the Rut is winding up around here. I've not seen many deer for awhile. All of a sudden I saw 5 Bucks on the 35 mile drive to work this morning. All the Bucks were decent deer by most folks standards. They are obviously getting brain dead judging by the fact that several were right out in the open fields for all to see. I think Im going to start rattling horns in the next week. I've found some quite significant rubs and scrapes. I can hope! CK
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Post by: Tbilisi on October 26, 2004, 09:39:00 PM
I just finished eight days of hunting in my home state of Texas.  Each day I saw deer. Not necessarily many but at least was in close range to deer.  Probably the most exciting site of the hunt is when I had nine does and one seven point buck within twenty yards at the same time.  Pretty breath taking. I ended the hunt with shooting a doe.  It is good to go back home.
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Post by: Terry Green on October 28, 2004, 09:41:00 AM
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Post by: Huntrdfk on October 28, 2004, 07:08:00 PM
Yesterday morning was a good morning.  Let's see, before light I had a deer walk under me, then something, I still don't know what, flew into me and hit me in the neck, scared the bejeepers out of me.  Daylight finally comes, I give out a couple of estrus bleats and almost immediately hear something walking behind me.  At 20 yards I finally see it is a bear.  He comes to five yards and stops broadside, but I pass on him as he was only about 100 pounds.  He walks by me and straight away, 10 minutes later a good 8 point comes bounding in from my right and stops at 16 yards.  He keeps looking towards where the bear went, and walks off without ever presenting a shot.  I saw two more deer in the next two hours, never got a shot, but what a great morning.  
I will be back in the same tree tomorrow morning.

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Post by: mike hall on October 28, 2004, 09:01:00 PM
I think things are starting to get interesting in southern Ohio.
Took the day off today and headed to one of my favorite areas to set up. After enjoying a beautiful sunrise of orange and pink and temps in the 50's I thought today is the day. Started get'n all jittery inside.  :D  
About an hour later I hear a stick snap behind me so I lean over a bit and takes a peek.  :eek:  
It's a big fat doe on the trail that heads to within a 14 or 15 yard broadside shot.
Problem is, she's looking the other way. Well, within 15 or 20 seconds she has 6 of her girl friends join her and I am pumped.   ;)  They start to head my way when out of no where this little joker of a spike runs through the pack like a school yard bully. Am I ticked.   :mad:  He runs em all over the hill side and eventually down wind where they get a bit spooky. Dang it! I can't believe some little 3" long joker just blew my morning. Five minutes passes and they are all walking back down the hill. Two of them were at 12 yards but wouldn't you know they were just behind and to the right.
Starting to wonder why I set up for a shot off the left side of my climber.......they always seem to show up on the right.
Just a heads up for you Ohio guys that the big show is about to begin. Cooler temps next week and pretty clear. I've got front row seats. Do you?
I love this time of year.
Kind of funny, after all that, I caught myself smiling on the way back to the truck.
It was a good hunt.
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Post by: Huntrdfk on October 29, 2004, 02:28:00 PM
This morning I am in the stand where I passed on a bear two days ago.  It is located about 60 yards off a low corner of the woodline from a remote two year old select cut where they cut everything except the oaks. A half hour after sunrie I see two deer on the edge of the cut heading my way.  They get to the trail that takes them past me, and stop, turn and jog off in that typical whitetail fashion.  They didn't see me, and they were up wind of me.  I can't figure it out until two minutes later here comes the bear again.  This time he comes from the cut, and then angles in towards me. He walks past at about 25 yards and keeps going, never coming close enough to shoot.  Now I'm thinking, this bear has to go, that's twice he's spooked deer in front of me.  I sit back, and not five minutes later I hear something in the cut, and it is another bear! He stays in the cut and goes in the direction the deer went. Twenty minutes later, and here comes,(I think anyways, there can't be three can there?), one of the bears back through the woods.  This time he passes me at about thirty yards and keeps going. If one of them gets close enough tomorrow, it will get shot.  They are starting to intefere with my deer hunting now!

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Post by: Littlefeather on October 30, 2004, 01:26:00 PM
Game on!!!

The deer are finally starting to cooperate. I spent 5 hours this morning covering several miles of prime rub lines. I rattled horns at six different locations and brought in two nice bucks. One 6 point with an awesome, high rack, and a 10 point that hung up at 40 yards and got wise and left. The six point was rubbing a tree when I saw him. I knelt trying to curb the noise of the rattling horns over my shoulder and the quiver full of arrows. He looks up and sees me but never even knew I was anything other than a brush pile. He commenced to walk a bee line straight at me. At 15 yards he realized somthing wasn't right and stops. I loose an arrow to watch it shave hair from his chest. Humble pie!!! Seems I gotta do this at least once every year. At least its out of the way now. Im outta here for now. Back to the woods for the rest of the day. Good luck. CK
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Post by: JC on October 30, 2004, 01:46:00 PM
Finally able to get a deer to cooperate this season: heard a deer this morning coming in over my right shoulder about 7:45. I slowly turned my head to see if it was in a position for me to stand up and prep for a shot. Little 3 point was downwind but I think my typical 20-25'stand placement had my scent above him.  He meanandered to right under my stand without presenting a good shot because of brush and mostly quartering to me. Stood under my stand curling his lips for about a minute, "thought" he smelled something but wasn't sure I guess. Walked about 15 yards to the main trail, that I had been expecting to see him come down, and presented a steep angle quartering away.  I looked once, once mind you, on his backtrail to see if there was a doe, which I would rather have taken...then back and he was still in the same position, bout 18 yards and seemingly calm.  Well boys, it's been a "dry" season for me, so it didn't take me but long enough to get to anchor and the next thing I know there's my arrow up to the fletching from mid ribcage and exiting between front legs.  He took off in a spurt, made a quick circle and stopped a little further away and uphill. Autopilot reload kicked in and although I "knew" he was dead, if he's gonna stand there and get a second arra, I'm gonna oblige im.  Second arrow was either slightly deflected or he dropped (though I'm not so sure cause he was obviously dead before the 2 arrow hit him....maybe I just missed....nah  ;)  )and spined him.  He stumbled, dropped, rolled, broke the arrow that spined him, kicked a couple of times and lay still....less than 10 yards from the stand. First arrow still exiting the sternum between the front legs and narry a feather ruffled!

As usual, the grizzled hunter that I am, then started shakin like a kid on his first is that a feelin or what!  :D  That mixture of elation, joy, accomplishment, tinged with sadness and old memories of people long gone. Lord help me if that ever goes away.....

Post mortem showed first shot to be almost perfect, right lung and top of heart....the second shot cut the artery running next to the spine and well into the spine from the underside of one vertebrate.
  Finally, 1st Deer of \\'04 Season! (  

  :bigsmyl:  Joe
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Post by: JC on October 31, 2004, 08:35:00 PM
Went this evening again to a different spot: beautiful creek bottom on an archery only WMA near my house. Not a sole in the parking area so I was hopeful of deer movement in my stand area. Isn't it great how hunting builds so much hope, expectation and opportunity? Anyway, time change has me messed up already, didn't think about it gettin dark at 6:30 instead of 7:30 so I was late getting in the woods.

First hour or so was slow with no movement by any critter I could see. It was warm today but we had a good breeze and it cooled off quick as the light got low. As the light started to fade I heard the tell tale off tempo crunch of a deer coming through the brush down the main trail. This trail runs parallel to the creek to a point about 15 yards past my stand then makes a turn not far from my stand to a creek crossing. It usually provides several shot opportunities each year.  

I'm up, on full alert, ready to kill my second in 2 days! I can see the body as it moved gracefully down the trail in absolutely no hurry but the head is hidden by the understory along the creek. Never dipped it's head to feed or browse so I suspected it to be on full alert. 50, 40, 30's gonna happen again.... I can feel the adrenaline rising. Finally comes out of the brush's a spike. little buck tag was filled yesterday, next one has to be 4pts or better on one side by GA law. He walks clueless along the trail passing my stand at an easy broadside shot of 15 yards at a slow walk. Hops the creek crossing like you and me stepping over a chuckhole, 15' covered with a flick of the tail. Stood on the other side of the creek for quite a while looking and listening in the directiion he was going. Funny how he got real cautious after crossing. He filtered into the brush and day faded quickly into a cool fall evening. Sweet....within killin distance of another deer in 2 it's startin to feel like fall.

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Post by: kennym on November 01, 2004, 09:27:00 PM
Halloween eve- rattled up a nice (115ish) 8pt. 15 yds broadside, knew there were much bigger ones in here so I passed. A small 8pt. comes in from the other way and they circle each other under my stand. Shortly after they  left,looked behind and there he was- huge (for around these parts) 8pt. (140-150 no bull!)150 yds. Wind had picked up so I rattled hard,don't think he hears me so I crack the main beams hard twice. Here he comes,no hurry. Stops at 100 and looks hard,comes on again to 80 where he does the typical bigbuck thing,turns hard left across open field to get wind of whatever is makin the ruckus, goes behind some trees and never comes out. Gotta love it. Got an appointment for another lesson Fri. AM.... BTW, don't think he got my wind cause several of the other bucks that came by were directly downwind for a long time. Saw no does and not tellin how many bucks cause I don't even believe it!!
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Post by: Tedd@work on November 03, 2004, 08:24:00 AM
Finally arrowed a buck yesterday morn. I left home @ 4:30 to get in a hunt before work. I hunt right at my office. I decided to try rattling, that stuff never works in these parts, too many huinters. But son of a gun here he came charging in! I managed to put it through his heart at a rediculusly long range. (paced it off later 49 steps! that translates to about 45 yds) I practiced hard at longer ranges, but still can't believe how effortless it was to make that shot.
I was even at work on time! Tedd
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Post by: on November 03, 2004, 08:48:00 AM
I'm discouraged. I've been out several times and have seen one button buck. I had a doe and her fawns blast past my blind another time. That's it! Got a nice buck in Kentucky and am anxious to get my first deer at home here in Indiana. My nephew had a shot opp. at a six pt. Mon. a.m. I saw a six pt. in the corn field N. of the house at 8 0'clock this a.m. He had already filled his buck tag so didn't shoot. I would love to take a doe first so I would have more will power to hold out for a mature buck. I've got good pix of a 8 pt. in the 115 range.
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Post by: JC on November 03, 2004, 06:52:00 PM
Great job Tedd!

Glass, I've been discouraged so far too. Lots of hours on the stand with very few deer in rang.  Except it all came together saturday and Sunday.  If your stands have the sign, keep at it. Change your stand sites, try something different than you normally do, at this point what do you have to lose. The main thing is, You ain't gonna kill em off the couch bruther...I wish you luck!

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Post by: Ralph Renfro on November 05, 2004, 07:25:00 PM
During the entire month of October, deer movement was very slow and mainly nocturnal. Finally on November 1st I started seeing more movement. As I don't get to hunt most evenings, I've been limited to hunting before work. After the time change I have more time in the mornings. On November 2nd I saw two smaller bucks and one doe. I had a decent 8 pointer bust me in a stand I had moved to make RainCrow happy. After he busted me, with a strrong north wind, I knew I had to get a stand on the south side of the trail. That evening I got off a little early and set up another stand on the south side. I didn't hunt that evening. On Nov 3rd, I was in the newly placed stand by 6:15. It was 24 degrees with a light nw wind. At 7:45 this buck came into the woods on a trail west of me. He passed over the trail that led to me and was moving away, so I mouth grunted and got his attention. He stopped and looked for the intruder. He then started walking and I gave him a more aggressive grunt. He imediately turned around and came back to the east/west trail. He came walking right by me, because of some trees in front of me, my best shot was to let him pass and bust a quartering away shot on him. That I did. The shot hit just behind the ribs but angled toward the lungs. I got good penetration with the rivercane arrow tipped with a 135 grain Magnus II. On impact he jumped and kicked his hind feet, so I knew he was hit hard. He ran over a ridgeline to the northwest. I knew by watching him leave with the arrow, that there wasn't gonna be a bunch of blood on the ground. I waited 15 minutes and then climbed down and followed his tracks till I found blood. I followed the blood trail till I found the direction he had gone after getting out of my sight. I then went to my truck for a nervous wait. After an hour I went back to the trail. Good blood for about 30 yards from the spot I had left the trail, then nothing. So I followed tracks in the leaves. After about 25 yards of doing that and looking ahead, I saw the yellow and orange fletching of the rivercane sticking up. I peered under some brances and by golly the deer was still under the arrow. He had gone about a hundred yards. By the placement of his hind legs, under him, I think he just bedded and expired. I did my normal, smoothing of his coat and thanking my Creator for this fine animal and set about taking some pics and field dressing him. By the stiffness of the legs, I knew that he had died quickly and humanely and I was thankful of that. The bow I used is a BBO with Zebra wood accents that myself, Mike-OK, RainCrow, and JohnBow had glued up opening weekend. I had finished the bow a couple of weeks ago and had killed a turkey with it on it's first trip to the hunting woods. The buck was a mainframe 10 pointer with a 16 1/2 inside spread and included a total of 5 other points scattered on the burrs and a split browtine.   ([/IMG]
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Post by: Huntrdfk on November 06, 2004, 07:07:00 AM
Great pics and great story Ralph.  Congrats.

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Post by: Walter Mauney on November 07, 2004, 08:00:00 AM
It has been a very slow year for sightings of deer in north Georgia, at least for me. Until yesterday, I had seen a total of 4 deer form my treestands and I have hunted every weekend since Sept. 11. Several other hunters in this area have also had less than usual sightings so far this season. I believe it is the combination of a super acorn crop (they don't have to go far to feed) and unusually warm weather (until yesterday the average low was in the 50s). The temperature dropped to about 30 yesterday morning and I felt good about the chance that I would see a deer. I got into my stand before light and sat there until it started to get light when I heard a deer walking in the same way I had entered my stand. I watched over my left shoulder until I spotted the deer. It seemed to be scent trailing me! I couldn't get a good shot so I sat there and waited, expecting it to bolt at any moment. By this time I could see color and the deer was directly beneath my stand (I should've practiced that elephant draw LOL)! It was sniffing around in the leaves where I had stood while I was attaching my stand to the tree. Suddenly it bolted about ten feet from the base of the tree. I shifted my position so I could draw (it was now in front of my stand and slightly to the right). I noticed it was a button buck and looked to be very fat. He moved off a little bit more and stood there offering me a good 10 yard shot. I drew my Pronghorn and released. Good hit! He ran about 50 yards and expired while I watched. Thank the Lord, my first traditional kill!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Doug Campbell on November 07, 2004, 08:24:00 AM
As I was sitting in a tree yesterday afternoon I saw one of the coolest things I've had the privilage to witness. I'm sure most of you have seen those small hawks or falcons recklessly singing thru the trees at mach speed. Well I'd watched on make a couple passes when he zig-zagged to the right faster than you can imagine and took a big magpie right off a limb. He hit the magpie in the back dug his talons in and rode him down to the ground. It was an impressive show of acrobatics and all thirty yards away!!
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Blue Moose on November 08, 2004, 02:02:00 PM
I got a big ol' doe at Rodney, MS this past Saturday. It was my first trip there this year and hadn't had time to scout so I just went to a corner area I was familiar with. After being on stand about, oh, 15 minutes, I decided I was not going to hunt until I found a hot bean tree (honey locust).

I scouted for about an hour and found a couple of heavily used bean trees in a 20-yard-wide strip of woods between two fields. I climbed a tree downwind and within 30 minutes there were two does coming in for beanie brunch (around 9:15).

The timing was excellent because a crew came in at noon to cut the remaining timber on that section of the property. was truly beautiful in those woods.

Off to try for a buck now. Good luck to all.

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Post by: Warren H. Womack on November 08, 2004, 02:31:00 PM
Tal, Great news, congratulations. You did good.

Making a high percentage hunt is what it's all about. Your time spent scouting, provided you with just that.

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Post by: Chippy on November 09, 2004, 02:05:00 AM
My latest deer hunt ended yesterday. Tag soup. Again.  But while on this hunt last tuesday Nov 2, I saw a Mountain Lion stalk, then chase a coues whitetail. We lost sight of him while the chase was ongoing in a steep canyon, 230 yds away by the range finder. We figured he was taking 15-20 foot leaps with every bound, on the side of an almost vertical drop. We found there was a very narrow ledge they were running on when we made our way over to check things out. Never caught up with him again but that pretty much made the trip worthwhile.
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Post by: rabbitman on November 09, 2004, 07:56:00 AM
Hunted in southern Indiana the first week of Nov. Saw alot of deer and on the last day shot a large doe at 15 yds.  She went only a short distance and piled up.  During the week I had numerous deer in bow range, mostly does, yearlings and small bucks. (farm has an 8 point, 125 class rule)  I did have two shooter bucks in bow range but could not get a clear shoot at either.  Saw plenty of turkey, some coyotes, redtail hawks and an immuture bald eagle.  All and all it was a great week.  "[laffsmyl]"
Title: Re: ******Daily Hunt Report 2004******
Post by: Ralph Conrad on November 10, 2004, 12:53:00 PM
Had a successful hunt this past weekend with Marty Horn.  Looked for a bruiser for 2 days seeing one once, but no shot.  Passed on a spike the second day and waited until the last morning before taking a 6pt buck I called in to me.  It was my only chance to hunt MO before the rifle season so I took home some good groceries.  The shot was from 10 yds as the deer angled away from me. Had a complete pass thru with a stone point and cedar shaft.   This was my 14th deer with stone points. Double lung shot with deer running about 40 yards before crashing.  Thanks Marty! Ralph
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Post by: Huntrdfk on November 14, 2004, 09:12:00 PM
Good job, Dan.  Hope all goes ok with Mel.

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Post by: Terry Green on November 14, 2004, 10:00:00 PM
Didn't have time till now to post about last week.  It was an eventfull weekend.  Saw 9 deer, all were in bow range.  

Friday morn....1st three I didn't feel the shot was right, 30 yards was the closest I got, on the ground, and the lead doe was quatering away, and the other two we small, and kept their vitals below the palmettos.....

Blew a 20 yard wide open shot on a really wide 8 - 10 point, I was on the ground again.  I didn't pick a spot, rushed the shot on the 'cruising buck' as he stopped, and shot right over his back.  It all happened so fast, and I knew when I let go of the string that I boneheaded the opportunity.

Friday evening.....zilch.

Saturday morn....Had a spike within spitting distance, but not leagal.

Saturday evening....Had two does come out at dark, and got right under my stand, and I couldn't get a shot off.  I must have drawn 5 times.

Sunday morn....had a doe stop and going through a bottom with a 'deer' picking along behind her.  She came right by my stand at 18 yards, and I did not shoot thinking the other deer was a buck....but it was another doe, and although she was in range, she never offered me a shot even though I did manage to draw down twice.
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Post by: Huntrdfk@Work on November 15, 2004, 07:59:00 AM
Last Thursday I had just about two hours in the afternoon to hunt.  On top of that I had to qualify, (night qualifications), at 5 pm.  I hunted  behind the house. At 3:50 two yearling deer walk by me and start browsing on acorns. They never get closer than 20 yards and work their way to about 60 yards out. At about 4:15 the neighbors dog starts to bark exitedly, and I can hear an animal in the woods from that direction.  As it gets closer, the two yearlings look that way and then bolt. Out steps a dark colored deer that I know right away is a buck, just by the way he was acting. It turns out to be a small buck with 12" spikes. He goes to where the two other deer were, and is looking that way.  In my rush to hunt I had forgotten my grunt call, so I bleated at him with my mouth. He walks my way and stops at about 17 yards with the front of his shoulders and head behind a tree and bush, begging to be shot. So I did.  He turned out to be a pretty stout spike, weighing in at 124 lbs dressed.  I had him dressed, in the back of my truck and I made it to the range at 5:10.

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Post by: Ralph Renfro on November 15, 2004, 08:38:00 AM
The Okie TradGangers-Mike-Ok, JohnBow, RainCrow, and RocDoc are trying hard to find a doe. Saturday morning, everyone had deer within shooting range. Trouble was everything was wearing headgear and there isn't an antlered tag among em. I've filled my tags and was armed with only a camera. So..wanna guess who had four antlerless deer within range?
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Post by: SuperKodiak38 on November 15, 2004, 10:28:00 PM
Saturday started off with a bang. Two does come by at a trot with a big wide 6- point following grunting with every step he took. 30 yards at a trot = no shot. Well they chased each other around for 20 minutes. Another buck started to grunt and I could hear them fighting. Man my heart was pounding, deer running everywhere. It started to settle down and I mouth grunted twice. The 6 point came in behind me, down wind, at a trot intent on finding me. From those two little grunts he knew exactly where I was. He was at about 10 yards, quartering to me and he winded me, I watched him try to figure out where I was and scurry off. 20 minutes later I have three does and a bigger buck at least and 8-point coming when a dog barking turned them aound not to be seen agian. So I leave where I am standing in a creek bed and check out the "log" lying in the leaves. Hey is that thing breathing? I creep up on 6 sleeping does.It had rained all night and there was no noise, I was within 5 yards of them, a yearling was closest. I could see her face twitching and eyes fluttering like she was dreaming. It was awesome. No shot as everyones back was to me except the yearling whose head was covering her vitals. I was afraid to shoot as I couldn't tell what end was what and was afraid of a gut shot. I waited and watched for about 5 minutes until they spooked and bolted. Or so I thought, one doe stood up at 20-25 yards the arrow was gone before I knew it. I could see the fletching spinning about to bore a hole in her lungs when I heard the "tink" and saw my arrow change attitude and hit her shoulder, on the bone, just bearly breaking the skin, almost all momentum was lost when the arrow hit that branch about 5 yards from her. It slapped her and she ran off dropping the arrow. No blood nothing.
Not a "clean miss" but I am sure she is fine and saw the group later that day. Even without letting an arrow go it was an awesome morning. It could have been better, but it could have been worse.
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Post by: Terry Green on November 16, 2004, 12:02:00 PM
At 7:45 AM a doe came bolting out of the thicket, across the ridge top, and off the other side...oh yeah, and right by my stand.  Got set, figured the doe might be leading a buck right by me....not so.  about a minute later I hear a yaping yotie bought 150 yards behind me.  He was lost, she done tricked him.  As he yapped off in the wrong direction, I grinned.

Had to come back to the office...going back in around 2:30.
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Post by: J from Denmark on November 16, 2004, 04:52:00 PM
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Post by: Bpaul on November 16, 2004, 04:52:00 PM
Wow, that terrain looks familiar LOL.

Brandon (from Oregon)
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Post by: J from Denmark on November 16, 2004, 04:57:00 PM
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Post by: J from Denmark on November 16, 2004, 04:58:00 PM
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Post by: J from Denmark on November 16, 2004, 05:22:00 PM
Hello everybody I finally got myself a new computer and a faster connection   :D   Love it !

These pictures are from a trip to Idaho in september this year. We were 4 bowhunters ( the other 3 with wheelbows ) from Denmark and we got two bulls. Both bulls were younger animals but I am happy with mine anyway. The second day I asked the guides for permission to go up in the mountains alone and after two days alone in the mountains ( they call them hills ) I got this bull by sneaking up to him. He actually had cows with him even though he was a young one. And it was not privat land or any "easy" stuff like that, I met other hunters twice up there, they were walking around bugling all the time.
I shot a badger down in the valley too but missed a perfect chance at a grouse.
It was a great trip. GREAT scenery
Oh yeah I almost forgot. When we cut of the backstraps he had a broken piece of alu arrow sitting right above the spine !!
It was all healed up around the wound and he was in perfect condition, bugling and chasing cows. we guessed that the arrow must have been from last year. Talk about educated elk   ;)  

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Post by: J from Denmark on November 16, 2004, 05:42:00 PM
In Denmark I hunt Roedeer 80 % of the time.
They are much smaller then whitetails.
This is a mature roedeer doe (
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Post by: J from Denmark on November 16, 2004, 05:44:00 PM
And a mature doe and a jackrabbit (
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Post by: J from Denmark on November 16, 2004, 06:22:00 PM
"&%¤/"&%/#&%¤/&%¤# I just noticed that I posted all this on the wrong thread. It was supposed to be the picture thread. SORRY
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Post by: Bpaul on November 16, 2004, 06:31:00 PM
Don't worry man, we've all got this thread flagged for email notification as well.   :D  

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Post by: Terry Green on November 17, 2004, 03:56:00 PM
Yesterday afternoon was just me and the squirrels.  And much warmer.
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Post by: Terry Green on November 26, 2004, 01:34:00 PM
Wensday evening 3 grey ghosts appear in the be-witching 30 minutes before dusk....two does in range but no shot, was a buck I was sure...his structure hinted, but too dark to see horns....He made for the 1st deer from a stand I've seen this year that was not in bow range....

I was on point for an hour and a half this AM...I don't know how many I saw, coming and a going, all were from 15 to 25 yards out ofbow range, but I did see two bucks, and I'm bought positive I saw the buck I seen Wensday evening.....small basket 8 looked to be, whole rack well inside his ears.  2nd buck was a shooter for sure. As I figured, with the full moon, they moved from 10:00 till 11:30, and I spooked on on the way out.  Wish I could have stayed through lunch....

Going back in tomorrow morn.
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Post by: smalson on November 26, 2004, 08:39:00 PM
I finally got my film developed.  If anybody wants to get a view of my FIRST recurve buck and see what spent 15 minutes stomping around looking for a hot doe and then freshened the scrape . . .  before walking within 20 yards to catch a Magnus Stinger 2 blade w/bleeder from my Shakespeare 55# Necedah.  So very exciting!

The view can be found by pasting this address in your address line:
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Post by: Terry Green on November 27, 2004, 09:07:00 AM
smalson,....your pic wont allow for public viewing.  I think you gotta go back to webshots and click some box for public viewing.

I didn't hunt this girls wanted me to do some things with them.....couldn't turn em down donn't ya know.
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Post by: smalson on November 27, 2004, 09:20:00 AM
You're right, but you have to be a member of webshots to view.  I'm going to sign in on the website recommended by TradGang.  Until then, you can login as smalson with the password bowpics if you want.  There's nothing secret there and I'm not going to add any more anyhow!
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Post by: Huntrdfk on November 27, 2004, 03:37:00 PM
Like you Terry, I didn't get to hunt today, as the kids made me promise to help decorate.  Well, we finished that, and both my daughter Avery and son Hunter wanted to "go hunt some squirrels".  How do you say no to that? Here they are on stand, (Hunter has three longbows, but just got his pellet gun, so that was today's weapon of choice for him)


And here is Avery's first kill.


It doesn't get a whole lot better.