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Title: TBG Northern Zone Shoot, May 19, Ranger, Ga
Post by: Jake Allen on May 04, 2012, 09:07:00 AM
It's that time of year again...hard to believe this will be the 7th year of the Northern Zone Shoot at the Coots Farm!
This date worked out so well last year we are hoping to avoid conflicts again this year with the same weekend.

May 19 shoot Date
May 12, Set up date (targets and course)
~ Hey, set up day is fun day; almost as fun as the shoot. We will get started 8am there abouts, and should be done by noon. Lunch compliments of Miss Kim, then we can shoot thru the course and adjust the stakes. So, for set up, please come if you can, and bring a bow.

Here are a lot of the details: (these are Joe Coots' words from last year; ain't no way to improve on perfection)

30 (or more) Target Course, $10 shoot fee, family of 3 or more $25, kids 12 and under shoot free, shoot as many times as you want but first round counts for score.
The course will be an informal competition based loosely on the clubs shoot rules/classes, with “braggin rights” going to the winner of each class.
Ask anyone who's been to one of these, you will have a good time and just about guarantee your face and sides will hurt from all the smiles and laughter.
We will be cooking a great lunch to share together supplemented by any covered dish donation you care to bring. Considering what folks have brought to share, the food alone is worth the trip.
As we have in previous years, lunch is paid for by your donations, but if you can’t afford to pay, you are welcome to eat as our guests. All proceeds go to TBG.
We start at safe shooting light and announce the winners around 3pm, but many arrive early to sit and drink coffee or stay late to watch the sun set with tales of past hunts and dreams of future ones.
Sunday we do a fun shoot as we pull the targets.

Ask anyone who's been to the past 6 how much fun they've had and I'm sure you'll find the time to make it up here.
Each shoot has been better than the last so we are looking forward to this one being even better.

If you have a spare light bow to loan for the day and a couple of arrows you don't mind losing, we always have someone who "just came to watch."
As everyone reading this knows, if we can get a bow in their hand we'll have another convert to our cause. We should have a couple anyway but we will probably need more.

We will have a trading blanket area: bring any trad archery items that you want to trade/sell or donate to someone who might need them.
Make sure you clearly mark whatever you bring with name, telephone #, $ price, or trade options.
While I have never seen a trading blanket go wrong, we can assume no responsibility for your gear.
(End of JC's verbage)

Now for some new, and exciting news for TBG:
Tomi, (aka Cheapshot), has been in contact with Mark Baggett, and has been able to arrange for TBG to be able
to purchase a full set, (20), of McKenzie Targets, after these targets are only shot for one competition of the 2012 IBO Traditional World Championship.
We are very excited, and proud, and appreciative. Thank you Pappy, and Tomi....
Our club is able to purchase these targets for very reasonable amount, but that still means quite a few dollars.
So, we will be offering 8, or 10 of our old targets thru a silent auction at this shoot. We will pull the card on the targets at 3pm sharp, and
High bidder will be able to take the target with them. This will be a good start to collecting funds needed to get our new set of targets.

The address of Bent Bow Farms is 949 Liberty Church Road, Ranger, GA 30734.
General directions are:

-75N to Exit 293

-Turn Right off Exit 293 which will put you on 411N

-Take 411N for approximately 15 miles to Fairmount, continue on 411N through Fairmount for approximately 7 miles to Ranger.

-As you come into Ranger you'll see a brick post office on your left, turn left at the road just past that, Liberty Church Road.

-Continue on Liberty Church Road for approximately 1 mile. We are the log cabin with the green tin roof on your right, there will be signs posted.

Mapquest takes you further North on Liberty Church than where our house sits but it will take you the same way I have explained.

Feel free to post questions here, private message, email or call Joe (JC), Gene (Dutchman) or Jeff (Jake Allen).

Bring a chair, bug spray, thermocell and or tick spray. It is springtime in North Georgia.

The Coots Family is sure looking forward to seeing everyone again. Ya'll come now, ya hear?
Title: Re: TBG Northern Zone Shoot, May 19, Ranger, Ga
Post by: CheapShot on May 11, 2012, 11:26:00 AM
Set up is in the morning at Joe Coots house ya'll!!!!!!!Gonna be a funnnnnn day spent with friends!!!!!!
Title: Re: TBG Northern Zone Shoot, May 19, Ranger, Ga
Post by: Dutchman on May 15, 2012, 06:22:00 PM
Course is all set. Will be fun. Bring plenty of arrows.

There will also be a silent auction of some used targets that are no longer needed in the TBG trailer. Bring your checkbook, or some cash as you will want to bid on one or more of these targets. There is still plenty of life in them for home use. We also have some assorted target parts that are for whatever reason, mismatched and we'll also be selling these off.
Title: Re: TBG Northern Zone Shoot, May 19, Ranger, Ga
Post by: Bow50 on May 17, 2012, 06:45:00 AM
Me and Hippy Tim coming down there from Tn., can't wait. See ya about 9am
Title: Re: TBG Northern Zone Shoot, May 19, Ranger, Ga
Post by: CheapShot on May 18, 2012, 03:33:00 PM
Cool Beans!!!!!
Title: Re: TBG Northern Zone Shoot, May 19, Ranger, Ga
Post by: Bow50 on May 19, 2012, 09:53:00 PM
Thanks to JC,Ms. Kim,Jake,Tomi and all the TBG gang, me and Hippy Tim had a great time at the shoot today. See uou all at Twin Oaks in July.
Title: Re: TBG Northern Zone Shoot, May 19, Ranger, Ga
Post by: Jake Allen on May 22, 2012, 02:38:00 PM
Thanks for making the trip, and shooting with us Doug. It was a great day!

Thanks too for the 2016 and 2114 shafts for our TBG Youth Trailer. They will get good use!