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Title: Southwest Archery Spyder
Post by: OregonTom on November 20, 2016, 01:22:00 PM
I have been shooting the Spyder for a few months now and can give it a thumbs up.  The Spyder appears to be a clone of the Samick Sage.  The finish on the Spyder is a little nicer than the Sage and the wood combination is different.  Like the Sage the Spyder is a great deal for $150 delivered.  
   The Spyder is stable and for me, a consistent shooting bow.  I set the brace at 8 inches and it hasn't moved after months of use and being constantly strung. The Spyder has been taken on lots of trips in the truck and carried through the woods.  I haven't detected any limb twist, hair lines or  de-lams in the limbs or riser.  
    The Spyder I have is 45# @ 28 62" AMO.  Currently shooting 30" GT 400 Nuggent blems.  145grains total up front, three 4" parabolics in the rear.  Total arrow weight should be 445 ish grains if I added right.  Using a feather rest and the string that was supplied with the bow.