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Title: Wool Shirt...La Clair style
Post by: mindbender on December 03, 2006, 02:26:00 AM
Bought a heavy wool shirt from Ron LaClair and have used it in some cold Montana hunts recently (-10 to 5 above with 10mph winds average).  I called and ordered on the phone- Ron was away on a hunting trip so i got to talk with boss..Nancy (?), who was helpful...they made sure i got the right size given my build etc.  It was shipped fast.

It's design keeps it off the neck which is nice and I wore a middle weight wool shirt under it with a lined collar (and wool head and neck gear).  I could have stayed (sitting) all day and night with exception of my feet.  When walking and working up a sweat the wool allows air to move far better than any new-age breathable gear and i had no problem with sweat buildup so i was comfy when working my fatt arse up a hill as well.  The shirt is not heavy enough to handle severe weather without additional wool layers ( a benefit for those who like to layer) but an undershirt with both wool shirts and I was happy- as in perfect.  It is fine with just a decent undershirt in 25+ weather.  It's a long shirt that is great for getting rid of the waist coverage problems- move freely without air getting in around waist regardless of position.  

I bought the grey but will get the brown medium weight for spring and early fall hunts.  just as good as any camo IMO...was 10' from a nice 8pt and 30 yards from a big time 180 class mating.  Just could not close the deal due to does and being on the ground- sitting in 4" of snow- laying at times- and crawling.  

I use his shirt with the moloney wool bibs. good combo.  Ron is either going to make a (snow version)white one to sell or i'll be making myself one (with ma in law's help).  The design cannot be beat IMO.  and cheaper than most wool shirts.  He's a sponsor and sell them on his site.  

I've spent a ton of money supporting the camo and new high tech winter clothing movement and am kicking myself in the hind end- wool is the best all around material you can use.