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Title: Rudderbows
Post by: kanaka uhai on September 17, 2006, 01:47:00 PM
Just received a new 50#, 68" bamboo backed epe longbow from Jim and family at Rudderbow, You can tell by the first shot with a incorrect arrow it is a blessed food getter. I am having a blast, shot at least a hundred times with corect? arrows, at @ 30 yards in the zone 98 times, kill zone half of those. 2 arrows hit the fence. Arrows were confusing, so I tried different arrows, and ended up ordering carbon express heritage 350s, and cedars. UNREAL. I live in Hawaii and Jim at rudderbow had my bow shipped within 3 days, Keystone country store handled my arrows faster than a bow can shoot. I cannot believe how acurate my bow is. It is a thin handle design, center cut shelf, but most important.. the bow is truly "BLESSED" I ask God for the strength and skill to acuratly aim and guide my arrow for a fast a quick  departure for his kingdom and my freezer. AMEN