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Title: SKY HAWK (Earl Hoyt) Superb Recurves !!
Post by: JOSEY-WALES on June 04, 2006, 12:08:00 PM
Hello All,
I'm a newbie on this forum and i'm glad to find folks who apreciate this great TD recurve.
I own two Sky Hawk TD, one is a grey the other a brown..they're both 62" (i've got limbs in 41, 46, 49 & 55 lbs).
I've got 31 draw length and so this bow is a torpedo !!!, i've tried severals other recurves (Bear, Great plains, Martin,Check mate) but i sold them and only keep these SKY take down, they're for me the best bows (solid + speed) they 're also beatifull.
I wonder if they made some Yew limbs cos the 41LBS i've got ( 48lbs at my draw² length) are spiting arrows (23/15) really fast (even with the 22/19)..more fast than the 46lbs (53lbs at my draw length), the wood color is different on them (not as red brown on my 41 limbs),so maybe it's yew ?
I have no documentation on the bow so if some one has original papers sold with these gems, i'll be glad to have a copy.

I'll post pics of them cos i'm proud of these bows.

Title: Re: SKY HAWK (Earl Hoyt) Superb Recurves !!
Post by: JOSEY-WALES on July 09, 2006, 03:42:00 AM
Do you know if Sky made different wood cores for their Hawk TD Limbs ?
I've got a pair with brown/redish wood core that is faster than some in heavier poundage but black core wood limbs (both are for a Brown TD model).
If some knows the variations of this bow it would be great..
I purchased my bows without the original papers from Sky archery, if someone can send me a copy by email it's great too.
Best regards