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Title: Chek-Mate Bows
Post by: highnoonhunter on February 22, 2006, 01:32:00 PM
I just wanted to post about two Chek-Mate Bows I recently bought. Well, actually, my son bought one, but I shoot it more than him, so I feel I can give an honest opinion of it.

The first is a Chek-Mate Longhorn Flatbow. It's 53# @ 28". 62" long.
Riser is Cocobolo
Limbs are Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, with Gray Actionwood for the center core. All under Clear Glass

This is a very smooth shooting bow. It points extremely well for a set-back style handle. This bow has a "Turkish" style look to it.
Honestly, I expected the radical style to be noisy, but the reverse is true. With only one set of "cat-whisker" style silencers, and wool yarn wrapped at the ends of the string, this bow is SILENT!

It's very tolerant to spine. My son, draws around 30 inches, and the bow shoots 2317 aluminum arrows with 145 grain points with authority!
He has shot a compound bow "no sights" and off the shelf for several years now. He shoots this Longhorn better than he does the compound!

I draw around 28 inches. I've shot the above mentioned arrows, some cedar arrows with 50/55# spine, and some Gold-Tip 35/55 arrows with 250 grain points. They all shoot great!

The craftsmanship on this bow is second to none. I've owned many Trad bows, and seen even more. But this bow is equal to, or better, than anything I've seen! I've seen, shot, handled, bows costing twice as much, but they were nowhere close to being twice as good!

The second bow is a Chek-Mate Hunter 56 takedown.
I bought this bow from another Trad-Gang member: KIP
I can say that KIP is a great, honest guy to buy from. Everything he said about the bow was right-on!
But I really like this little bow.
The riser is Bubinga/Gray Actionwood with maple and purpleheart pinstripes.
One set of limbs are 56# @ 28" and appear to be edge grain Red Elm under clear glass.
The Other set of Limbs are 51# @ 28" and appear to be flat sawn Red elm.

The bow is 56" AMO
It's a smooth shooter also, for such a short bow. All the things I've said earlier about the craftsmanship of the Longhorn, applies to this bow also.

It seems fast, although not as fast as the Longhorn.
To me, it has the best feeling grip ever!
Some people don't like Chek-Mate grips as far as the takedowns go, because they are large. The previous owner had small hands, and didn't like it.
Actually, the grip isn't much, if any wider, than any of my other bows. But it is deeper, from front to back. I could see where someone with small hands would have a problem.
But my hands are large, (I wear size large gloves), and I really like this grip.
I feel like the narrow, deep, profile, prevents me from gripping the bow too tight, and keeps me from torqueing the bow.
The only problem I had with the bow, at first, was noise. After reading the FAQS page at, I started out with an 8" brace height, and started adding 5 twists to my string, after each shot. When I reach 8-3/4 inch brace height, it was like a completely different bow!
Just as quiet as any other bow I've shot!
I feel this bow is what I'd call a "GAP" bow.
Not extremely short, not extremley long, but short enough to be handy, and long enough to be fairly accurate. Kinda fills the gap between the shorty bows, and the longer ones.

If you're looking for a nice bow, and you're on a budget, I recommend Chek-Mate Bows.
They are nicer than a lot of bows costing twice as much, and are very shootable to boot!
Chad Weaver @ is one of the best guys you'll ever deal with. He is very informative and quik in returning emails.
Title: Re: Chek-Mate Bows
Post by: Blackhawk on February 22, 2006, 05:18:00 PM
These are made in Canada and are really good lookers and shooters. I have a Cascade Golden Hawk which is imported into the US by Steve Gorr at Cascade Bows in Washington State. (These are made by Chek-Mate and finsihed by Steve).

Check out Steve Gorr's new website with lots of pics and info on these fine bows.
Title: Re: Chek-Mate Bows
Post by: ed on March 22, 2006, 01:48:00 AM
I'm glad to hear the praise on these bows. I just ordered a purpleheart and greybark falcon from Weaver.
Title: Re: Chek-Mate Bows
Post by: bear1336 on March 22, 2006, 10:47:00 AM
I have had a Falcon and a Attila both bows were well made and very smooth. The only reason I sold them the Falcon handle was a bit large for my hand and I did not like the straight handle on the Attila.
Title: Re: Chek-Mate Bows
Post by: JOSEY-WALES on June 04, 2006, 12:14:00 PM
I used to have a Hunter 1 take down, it was a great looking bow but slow compare to my SKY Hawk TD. I sold it cos it was 60" and it was²stacking at my draw length (31").
For the money it's a great value , better than some more expensive sticks !
Title: Re: Chek-Mate Bows
Post by: Gordy on June 11, 2006, 07:00:00 PM
I'm a chek-mate fan.  A real workhorse bow and most of em are pretty enough and reasonable in price.   ;)

Started with a Raven, still have it. Had a Crusader and it was a solid bow, should have been a 64" instead of 62, but very solid shooter.
Falcons are the pick-up truck of trad recurves. Simple...and VERY effective.

When I'm not shooting my Dwyer longbow, my Hunter 2 is the good old stand-by.
Buttery smooth draw, slightly deflexed grip position for forgiveness and accuracy. (love the grip !)  I have an extra set of limbs for it now and can easily see owning another H2.

If they'd hurry up and make the H2 as a one piece, I'd be all over them !