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Title: Treesuit
Post by: Jakeboy at home on February 10, 2004, 12:44:00 PM
I bought a slightly used Treesuit last summer from Heydeerman & hunted out of it exclusively this past Fall. After practicing a few times to get the hang of it(the instructional video REALLY helps here), it was easy to get in & out of in a tree. The thing I like most is the security. You are triple strapped to the tree & it is impossible to fall. I also love the flexibility. You can hang out away from the tree as far as you like, lean back, spin around the tree to any and all shooting postions. I really see no weakness in this product.

It consists of a safety rope (or strap in the improved models), 2 other ropes that are connected to a firm seat--these wrap around the tree & securely clip to themselves. Go to for a better look as it is kind of hard to describe.

It may look uncomfortable but it is ultra-comfy! you can sit comfortably against the tree with your knees on either side or you can stand up on your feet & lean back. I like hiding behind the tree from the deer. The tree is good camo. I use steps or LW climbing Sticks to get up the tree.

This product is comfortable, secure, and effective. I will not hunt in a tree without being in my Treesuit.

Heydeerman is a dealer now. order one from him won't be disappointed.

Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: dad3*3 on February 17, 2004, 12:36:00 PM
I used one myself this year.  Got it early and experimented in the yard to make sure I wouldn't be restricted in any shooting lanes.  Didn't have any problems so I took it to the woods.

I have owned and tried about every kind of tree stand available.  There were a few that I liked but there was always one or two things that I didn't like about them.  This tree suit solved all the problems.  

I think I have 5 or 6 other typical type stands in my garage right now but none of them saw any use this past season.  Everytime I went to the woods I grabed my tree suit.  It is the most comfortable secure stand that I have ever hunted out of.  Now I guess I will have to sell the collection of other stands in the garage.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: got2bowhunt on February 23, 2004, 08:49:00 PM
would you please tell me where I could find one of the tree suits?I have never heard of them and would like to check them out.thanks   :help:
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: Legolas on February 24, 2004, 07:07:00 AM
Go to:

or contact the Deerman above at his website.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: heydeerman on February 26, 2004, 10:33:00 PM
I have a few Treesuits and one Climber in stock. (
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: Chris on March 03, 2004, 12:33:00 PM
I also hunted exclusively out of a TreeSuit this year. The only treestand I've used that's more comfortable is a Tree Lounge, and the weight difference between the two is rather obvious.

I always carry a stand in, hang it, hunt out of it, then take it down and carry it out, mainly because I hunt so many different areas, many of them being public.

Treesuit beats all other stands hands down. I can't imagine lugging a loc-on or climbing treestand through the woods ever again!

Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: Tbilisi on March 04, 2004, 09:56:00 AM
Well, you have convienced me. I will try one out this year.  Thanks for the info.  Happy shooting
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: PJMoose on March 05, 2004, 07:52:00 PM
Question for you Treesuit users. Have any of you all tried the Steppladder system? I would appreciate any comments you may have. I got the instructional video from Jim Stepp and the system looks pretty slick. I'm just wondering if a you can can hang two or three of the stepps at hunting level so you can hunt around the tree as shown in the treesuit video using screw in steps???  Thanks, Paul
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: Rollie on March 07, 2004, 11:35:00 PM
ttt .  step options?  Rollie
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: heydeerman on March 09, 2004, 07:16:00 PM
PJ Moose,

I have the Stepp System in question. I only used it one time and I must say it is a nice system I regularly use LW sticks with the suit but one thing I liked about the Stepp system was the wide "platform" the top step offers. Almost eliminates the need for steps on the sides of the tree. The down fall is they are hard to pack and can be noisy for that reason. Once in the tree you're set though.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: JC on March 10, 2004, 08:30:00 AM
Jim, do you recommend their climber/step option with the treesuit?

Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: dad3*3 on March 10, 2004, 04:11:00 PM
PJMoose, that is all I have been using is the Steppladder system with the tree suit.  It works great.  I didn't find them loud or hard to pack, once you get your set up right.  I wear the treesuit into the woods with the steps, in their case, on my right side.  I can still draw the bow with all this stuff on if I needed to.  This year, as I was walking into my stand I saw two bucks off in the distance.  I was able to crouch down, take off the bag with the tree steps in side and attempt a stalk.  Unscuccessfull but that was my fault.

If you can leave the top few in the tree and just take the bottom 3 off it really makes it simple to get into the tree.  I have a few places that I just leave the steps on the tree and them walk in to set up.  I use two steps at the top and that allows me to shoot at any angle and is extremely comfortable to rest my feet while on stand. Good luck.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: heydeerman on March 11, 2004, 07:34:00 PM

I havent used it yet but I have a couple customers who love it. They said it took a couple times up to get the hang of it but they are swearing by it.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: JC on March 12, 2004, 11:03:00 AM
A few months of saving my pennies and I will give a call to get the whole she-bang to try out.  Sounds like just the thing for a couple of places I like to hunt that require a loooong walk to get back into. I've heard lots of positive comments everywhere about this product.

Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: PJMoose on March 12, 2004, 08:45:00 PM
Thanks for the info on the Steppladder guys and I think we're going to give it a go. Like you Henry, I've got some footin to do to get to a couple of my favorite hunting holes and climbing sticks are not very portable for me. Screw in steps are not allowed on some state properties  and although I do have the Treesuit climbing system, I'm not real crazy about it yet. Need more time to work it out.. Paul  :D
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: heydeerman on March 13, 2004, 02:59:00 PM
PJ Moose,

I know what you are sayin. I had mine for a whole year before I really even tried to use it. Took me a couple times to get it down. I still dont use it much...just because I have been likin ground poundin so much.  Next year the fields on the farms will be beans so I'll be in the suit more. In the corn there is plenty of cover. Hard to get cover in a picked bean field.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: PJMoose on March 13, 2004, 07:18:00 PM
heydeerman, the problem I seem to have with the climber is directly related to the texture of the bark on the tree. Maples seem to be the smoothest but man if I try to scale a hickory, ash, or any rough surface, the dang thing doesn't want to dig in so good. Am I doing something wrong??   :confused:
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: heydeerman on March 26, 2004, 06:02:00 AM
Sorry I havent checked back here in a while.

I cant help you because I ahve yet to use the climber...proly never will. I usually get in forked trees and weird ones that a climber wouldnt work in.
My Bro-in-law likes to climb ash trees. I would just go looser on the cable.once you get up there you can always tighten it up.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: buktruk on March 29, 2004, 12:49:00 PM
I too used the tree suit and absolutly love it.  I was able to sell all of my fixed postion stands as well as my ol man climbing stand.  I did buy the climbing platform too, but I did not like it at all.  I do know that Rich is working on a new climbing system because the current one is hard to use as other members have stated.  In order to use my treesuit as a portable stand I simply use a set of sport climbers to climb the tree, and then I strap on a strap on step that I made at the level I wish to hunt and I can be set up pretty quietly in a few minutes and it is very light and easy to pack a long way.  The strap on step I made was made by taking four Ameristep strap on steps and removing the steps from 3 of them and adding them to the other, so I have one strap with four steps on it.  This allows me to easily hook it to the tree and position the steps around the tree so I can easily shoot 360 degrees.  One of my favorite things about this stand is the excellent concealment it offers.  For some reason you are able to get away with a lot more movement than in a typical stand I would guess it is because you are not out away from the tree so you must just look like a limb coming off the tree?  I am not sure but I do know they work great!  Here is a link to a review I did on them from another sight:
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: BunneyHunter on March 29, 2004, 06:29:00 PM
wahts teh weight limit on them?
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: heydeerman on March 31, 2004, 10:05:00 PM
They have a  250 pound weight limit but... to get insurance certification they dropped something like a 300 pound weight 15 or so feet (I am going from memory of a phone conversation months ago) into it with no damage.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: MCNSC on April 01, 2004, 12:25:00 PM
I have been looking at the Treesuit, and may try to get one before hunting season. I know some of you guys speak highly of it. But, is it really easy to shoot a Longbow or recurve out of,Looks like it would be darn near impossible. Also the sling type seats on some climbing and hang on stands that I have used tend to make noise when you move in them. Is the Treesuit really quite?
 Not being negative,just wandering. I would really like one if these are not an issue.
Title: Re: Treesuit
Post by: heydeerman on April 01, 2004, 05:32:00 PM

As with anything else it has it's limitations. I have no trouble at all shooting either my longbow or recurve out of it. The more you use it the more you realize what you can do in it. I have found alot more shooting angles are open to me with the suit than with a tree stand. If you do decide to get one do so with plenty of time to practice with one. If you can get in a tree several times and shoot a quiver full of blunts or judos at stumps and the like, you will have an idea what you can a cannot do. You will find the cans outweigh the cannots.

As for it being quiet, it is as quiet as you can be. Again you learn how to be totally silent in this thing fast. The learning curve is not a big one but there is one. Almost like learning to hunt out of a treestand for the first time the first couple times out.

Once you pack this thing around your waist once on a long walk to the stand you will be glad you got one.