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Title: Just finished salt curing/smoking a whole deer!
Post by: koger on January 10, 2015, 03:52:00 PM
Last winter I posted on doing a quick cure, 2 weeks on boned out deer. Late season I killed big ole nanny, #130 completely gutted, mud fat! I cut out all the good cuts off hams, shoulders, and both back straps and did a quick cure, 14 days as posted in a previous post, below this one. I then  took out and rinsed, put a generous coating of dark brown unrefined brown sugar on with some black pepper, and hickory smoked in my electric smoker for 2 hours, done! Man this is so good, I cook covered in water, low simmer, with a lid, 20 minutes or so, tender as it rehydrates, just enough salt, and melts in your mouth with just  taste of smoke! I put nearly #50 in the freezer, in individual bags for 2 folks for meals. I helped my uncle butcher and process 2 hogs, he gave me a huge shoulder that I boned out and did the same way, deer and pork shoulder taste like country ham. I can send pics to a smart phone if someone will post them for me.