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PowWow / Re: Stumbo Bow
« Last post by acolobowhunter on Today at 12:06:49 PM »
I found him east of Pierce Colorado.  Met with him last night about bow limbs.  I have his current phone number if anyone one needs it they can PM me.
PowWow / Re: Spring Turkey Help
« Last post by acolobowhunter on Today at 12:04:32 PM »
I agree with what everyone has said about hunting out of a blind and setting decoys.  However - last year I also put out a turkey tom tail fan that I attached to a short broom handle and large spike to stick in the ground.  Wow, that really brought them in.  Up until then, they would just look at the setup.  The tail fan really worked.  We have also crawled up on turkeys, keeping the fan in from of us.  You need to wear complete camo though.  We wave the fan side to side and also forward and back for movement.  You can really get them in close.  Works best if two people do it.  One with the fan and another behind with the bow.
I'm kinda waiting on some others to type their part.. going to have to get onto Randy, Darren, Jacob, Todd, and Tony! :)  Rick gets the picture. 
Honestly how much time are your bows going to spend laying in the sun or out in the rain? If your not selling the bow, it's not a deal breaker.
I have used a lot of varnish on exterior wood and it don't last more than a couple of years in the sun.
If your not going to use a 2k finish, then use whatever is easiest to re-coat or remove.
You can get 2k auto clear in a spray can for about $20. or better yet get some conversion varnish in a quart kit from a paint store like Sherwin or whoever is in your area.
Check out this marine varnish test:
You can get quite a few bows from one quart can of thunderbird.

8 to 10 I think or more.

Prolly be about the same money wise compared to buying a bunch of spray cans to finish many bows.

Been where you are at!  I did finally break down and go with T-Bird this past summer, but for several years I worked with the box store stuff.  I found for me VHT wheel paint and the Helmsman Spar worked the best.  I think the VHT is a little more durable.  I also filled grain on my risers and limb edges using 3-4 coats of tru-oil before spraying with the spray.  It is a little time consuming as it takes several days to finish a bow but I never was in that big of hurry.  When I sprayed, I followed instructions on the can and tried not to get too much on at once.

BTW - for spraying T-bird, the cheap spray gun from Harbor Freight works pretty well.  It can be had for $10 when it goes on sale.

Some of that spar finish tuns a yellowish color when dry.

Just paint the damn thing Purty Girly Pink, ya know ya want too:)

 :laughing: :bigsmyl: :laughing:
PBS LISTING FORUM / Re: 2 Dozen Premium Surewood Shafts
« Last post by Tim Finley on Today at 11:10:50 AM »
The Shooters FORM Board / Re: Bow form changes fears
« Last post by Jim Casto Jr on Today at 11:10:49 AM »

Don't be afraid to change.  Things will come along much quicker than you think, as long as you stick with it, of course.

I'm of the opinion that blank bale work is very beneficial, perhaps even required to work on form and form changes.

PowWow / Re: Ideas for rainy day indoor projects
« Last post by finkm1 on Today at 11:00:34 AM »
Building a Kentucky Long rifle from a kit. :thumbsup:
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