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Z GiveAways / Re: Youth bow drawing on March 17
« Last post by 1Arrow1Kill on Today at 01:49:34 PM »
Guess we know who the new 'World's Best Uncle' is going to be!  Way to go Uncle Jim . . . first class move!
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
PowWow / Re: Legality & bow draw weight question.
« Last post by Tomas Stieber on Today at 01:42:26 PM »
If you get checked and the warden pulls out a tape rule to check your draw length, just yank that sucker back to your ear and than tell him to measure.
PowWow / Re: traditional archery decals?
« Last post by 4dogs on Today at 01:25:42 PM »
You guys should check out Onestringer. He has quite a few decals and May work with you on custom stuff. He is a sponser here too.
Z GiveAways / Re: Youth bow drawing on March 17
« Last post by ronp on Today at 01:25:33 PM »
That's awesome getting the niece and nephew involved in our past time! And I agree, Mike is a good person to talk with.  I purchased a Pup longbow a few years ago, and it was a pleasure speaking with him :archer2:
Z GiveAways / Re: Youth bow drawing on March 17
« Last post by Kingstaken on Today at 01:17:02 PM »
So I called my nephew Daniel to tell him that he'd won. I had to pull the phone away from my ear he was so excited he went on and on and on. Then I heard his younger sister saying in the background "Me too me too I want a bow". So when I called Mike who by the way is one of the nicest guys I've ever spoke too to discuss Daniels bow I had to order another for his sister. So instead of adding 1 new trad shooter we'll be adding 2. Should be very interesting when I deliver the bows to them. TG who sponsor this and Mike and all those who add their craft to this drawing - Thank you all again!
PowWow / Re: St. Jude's Hunt with Tippit
« Last post by Sockrsblur on Today at 01:03:34 PM »
 :campfire: Absolutely wonderful! Keep it coming  :bigsmyl:
PowWow / Re: Bison Gear Selway
« Last post by Wudstix on Today at 01:02:05 PM »
Does anyone have a link?  Does this company still exist.  Able to find pics on-line but then it stops.    :banghead:  Any help would be appreciated. :coffee: :archer: :campfire:
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Vacuum bagging
« Last post by Shredd on Today at 12:33:27 PM »
   That's about 1,100 lb on a 60" bow...  Seems enough to me...   :thumbsup:

   Stic...   Don't think it...  Know it...  Matter of fact the more epoxy you squeeze out the weaker the bond...   Talk to any boat builder about that or just look up info on epoxy...  I think that there is only so much that you can learn from other craftsman and hearsay and then there is the reality of the situation...
PowWow / Re: Compressed Maples????????
« Last post by Possum Head on Today at 12:26:54 PM »
I use a soft maple in cabinets that’s actually fairly light. May be the type that was compressed
PowWow / Re: Who would you hunt with?
« Last post by Wudstix on Today at 12:23:08 PM »
You just don't realize what you have until it is gone, both family and bows. 
 :coffee: :archer: :campfire:
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