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The Bowyer's Bench / Re: 2018 What did you do today?
« Last post by skeaterbait on Today at 08:18:06 AM »
I think I finally have my bow ready to finish but am hesitating. I will be using rattle can simply because I am not set up for anything else. But my question is about the bocote, do I need to seal it before finish or is there any other special prep that I should do?

I did note that it gums up my sanding medium pretty quickly so I figure it's an oily wood, do I need to take any precautions because of that?
Payment received, thanks!
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: Going green
« Last post by Robertfishes on Today at 08:04:42 AM »
On the back side glass I put green frog tape first then cheap white for top layer.
PowWow / Re: Mentors
« Last post by BWallace10327 on Today at 07:36:23 AM »
Thanks for what you've done, I'm sure its impacted many lives for the better.   :clapper:
PowWow / Quieting Hoyt Satori Quiver
« Last post by BWallace10327 on Today at 07:26:07 AM »
Is anyone is using the Hoyt Arrow Rack 4 arrow bow quiver on their Satori and have been able to quiet it? I guess the noise is more specifically the arrows in the quiver, as the bow is much quieter if I shoot with the quiver attached, but free of arrows.  It seems like the arrows rattle upon release, but it might be better if I had broadheads sticking into the hood foam instead of field points.  :dunno:  I appreciate any suggestions.   
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: 60" Forward handle blank coming up...
« Last post by kennym on Today at 07:21:38 AM »
That was a really skinny scrap pc I couldn't throw away!  It sat in the corner for years and I finally sawed it up into really skinny veneers. Actually still had saw marks that I strategically placed to be ground off during profiling... I hope...  :o

No plans drawn yet, still R&D on it...
PowWow / Re: Osage trees growing great.
« Last post by Crooked Stic on Today at 07:09:45 AM »
My guess is if you dont thin them out they will be bushy.
The Bowyer's Bench / Re: 60" Forward handle blank coming up...
« Last post by Crooked Stic on Today at 06:58:04 AM »
My walnut aint that purty   :dunno:
HIGHLIGHTS 2018 / Re: Longbow hog..
« Last post by 8upbowhunter on Today at 06:39:51 AM »
I think it’s broke in now, congrats on a fine kill.

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PowWow / Re: Bow Quivers on Youth Bows?
« Last post by Keefer on Today at 05:35:55 AM »
 E.F.A makes a nice little small one that is light weight and "If" she doesn't like it you can "Always" find someone who could use it and take off your hands .
  Kids can adapt to just about anything and the E.F.A. quivers are feather weight for sure.
 They are the only folks I know of who makes a small bow quiver but sure there may be others.
  I have a daughter we adopted that was born with no thumbs BUT she can pull and shoot a mad dog recurve and always has a smile doing so...They can adapt given the chance so try it she may like it even if others don't ! :archer2: 
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